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PRINCE2 Process Diagrams

Written by Andy Trainer – Thu 04 Jul 2013

We decided that PRINCE2® diagrams could do with a freshen up so we've created an easy to read, standardised set of diagrams covering the 7 PRINCE2 processes to help learn PRINCE2.

Starting with the PRINCE2 Process Model and then breaking it down into each of the 7 processes.

If you've ever searched Google for 'PRINCE2 diagrams' you will know that it's not a pretty sight, and a lot of those diagrams are either too plain or impossible to decipher.

Our set of diagrams makes the PRINCE2 processes easier to understand by complimenting your PRINCE2 pre-course work and manual when preparing for your PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam.

PRINCE2 Process Model

PRINCE2 describes the steps of project management in seven processes. Any PRINCE2 project will need to address each of the processes but the extent of the application of a process should be decided on a project by project basis.

The PRINCE2 Process Model below describes the relationship between the seven processes:

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Work Packages in PRINCE2: Managing Product Delivery

Written by Andy Trainer – Mon 07 Jan 2013

Within the Managing Product Delivery phase of the PRINCE2® framework, there are three distinct stages regarding the Work Package that must be completed and documented.

In our post 'Getting Work Done with PRINCE2' our trainer Claudine explains Work Packages in relation to the Controlling a Stage process. In this post we will outline the Managing Product Delivery aspects of Work Packages and the actions necessary for successful completion.

You can learn more about work packages in PRINCE2 on our PRINCE2 Training.

Purpose of Process

It is important to understand what the intended results of the Managing Product Delivery process are:

  • To set out and decide upon the requirements with the Project Manager
  • To do the work
  • To keep the Project Manager updated on progress
  • To sanction the completion of the work
  • Make the Project Manager aware of the completion of the work

The reason it is important to know the purpose of this process is because if at any point there is contention or an issue that must be addressed, everything has been documented and carried out according to a set structure and so can be easily accessed and acknowledged.

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Getting Work Done with PRINCE2

Written by Claudine – Mon 31 Dec 2012

So, you have had your plan approved and now the work needs to begin.

But have you have ever found you've handed work over only to have it run late, or receive something back that is not at all what was asked for?

How do we avoid this and ensure that work is carried out as planned?

PRINCE2® Processes

The PRINCE2 approach is to use two processes, the Project Manager uses 'Controlling a Stage'to hand over the work and the Team Manager will use 'Managing Product Delivery' for the development of the product. These are two separate processes because the Project Manager is responsible for managing the work of the project, not doing it! So having a separate process acts as a “firebreak” between the project manager and team manager or team.

The process starts when the Project Manager discusses the work to be done with a Team Manager or team to authorise the work package.

During this discussion, some aspects of the work need to be agreed:

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