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M_O_R® Re-registration Training

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This M_o_R® Re-Registration Certification is essential for individuals coming to the end of the accreditation period, that are looking to retain their qualification for a further 5 years. This M_o_R® Re-registration Practitioner Certification course re-confirms that candidates have the skills in which to identify and avoid risks in M_o_R® situations - shaping and transforming risk management. Led by accredited and highly experienced M_o_R® training instructors, the course will give candidates the best possible preparation prior to sitting their Re-registration Practitioner Exam, whilst also encouraging longitudinal retention of refresher knowledge - helping candidates learn the most current M_o_R® training practices. Candidates can utilise this M_o_R® Re-registration course to engage with any knowledge gaps or weaknesses that have been inhibiting their continued risk management practice. Multiple opportunities will be given to candidates to practice their M_o_R ® Exam technique, with feedback offered on every occaision from the instructor on how to improve their risk-management specific knowledge.

Undertaking this M_o_R® Re-Registration Certification confirms and elongates your M_o_R® Practitioner status, whilst also demonstrating your continued dedication to personal development - both of which can be pivotal when proving your personal business value to future and current employers.

M_o_R® Re-registration Exam

  • Objective Exam

  • Two 20-Mark Questions

  • 50% Pass Rate required for Certification

  • 90 minutes 

  • Open Book Exam - candidates may use the 'Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners' book and the AXELOS guidance document by ABC Consulting Ltd

    Course Objectives

    The objective of this course is for candidates to maintain posession of their M_o_R ® Certification for a further 5 years - fulfilling the M_o_R ® Re-registration certification requirements, whilst refreshing and updating their knowledge of recent M_o_R ® practice developments.

M_O_R® Re-registration Training Course Content

The course will revisit topics that have been studied previously, allowing candidates to refresh their knowledge of the M_o_R® Framework

Overview of Corporate Governance and Risk

  • Basic concepts and terms
  • History, regulatory and legislative background

Management of Risk Process Lifecycle

  • Examining how risks and issues are initiated
  • How risks can be managed from start to finish
  • Where the M_o_R® framework can be applied

Making It Work and Getting It Right

  • Tips, tricks and traps in corporate governance and management of risk

Frameworks, Tools and Techniques

  • An overview of the different ways that a framework can be implemented as well as providing a good foundation for understanding the tools, process and techniques that are used in risk management

Budgets, Finance - Management of Risk

  • Examining the financial aspects of management of risk
  • How risk should be budgeted
  • How risk fits with financial risk and cost benefit analysis

Communicating and Training; Risk Awareness

  • How a risk communication strategy could be set up, modified or run
  • How to get buy-in and ownership of risk
  • What it means to be a risk owner
  • How to develop staff awareness

Measurement, Control and Reporting

  • The best way to use risk assessment and management tools
  • How to monitor progress
  • Ways to use the tools to encourage innovation
  • Facilitate auditing; risk reporting

Support Function for the Management of Risk within a Programme and/or Project

  • An overview of the extent and level at which corporate governance and management of risk should be applied throughout a programme, project or project office process
  • Management of risk for resourcing, tendering and the procurement process
  • Service level agreements and value chains

Practical Work

  • Specially written scenarios and comprehensive sets of related tasks help provide a practical application of the method


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