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PHP & MySQL with MVC Frameworks Certification Training

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PHP & MySQL with MVC Frameworks Certification Training introduces delegates with various aspects of using PHP, MySQL along with the framework of CakePHP MVC for creating powerful and easily maintainable database driven sites. The course also includes installation and configuration of PHP, MySQL and CakePHP. During the session, our instructor will help the delegates in gaining in-depth knowledge on how to use and implement various terms in the subject. Moreover, the delegates will get trained from highly qualified and experienced instructor.

Why should I learn PHP & MySQL with MVC frameworks?

PHP and MySQL are well-known techniques for developing websites. With MVC, the professionals can develop robust, dynamic and easily maintainable database driven sites. PHP, MySQL and CakePHP are platform independent that is they are portable from one platform to another. the architecture of CakePHP offers additional security such as SQL injections, hacking and much more.


To attend PHP & MySQL with MVC Frameworks Certification Training, the delegates should have:

  • Basic HTML knowledge
  • Understanding of computer programming language
  • Internet Database

Course Objectives

After the course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Go through the fundamentals of web technology
  • Master the concepts of PHP and MySQL
  • Discover MVC architecture and its advantages over confidential methods of web developments
  • Work effectively with emails of HTML and PHP text
  • Upload files to a server and manipulate system files
  • Design, write, debug and run web applications
  • Test and debug an application in PHP
  • Learn how to implement PHP on a website with the help of MVC framework
  • Use and create functions
  • Become expert in developing PHP/MySQL applications
  • Achieve PHP skills required to build data-driven sites successfully
  • Work with regular expressions, data validation and handling exceptions

PHP & MySQL with MVC Frameworks Certification Training Course Content

Basics of PHP and Conditional Logic

  • PHP introduction
  • Environment setup in various platforms
  • Script syntax
  • Declaring variables and data types
  • Constants
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Web concepts
  • Decision making statements
  • loop types
  • Operators

Functions and Error Handling

  • What is Functions?
  • Creating PHP functions
  • Functions of PHP with parameters
  • Argument by reference
  • Setting default values for function parameters
  • Dynamic function calls
  • PHP mails
  • POSIX regular expressions
  • Predefined character ranges
  • Regexp POSIX functions
  • PERL style regular expressions
  • Regexp PERL compatible functions
  • Functions for Date and Time
  • Built-in functions
  • File inclusion
  • File manipulations
  • Exception handling
  • Bugs debugging

Object-Oriented Programming

  • Overview of Object-Oriented programming
  • Defining  classes
  • Creating Objects
  • Member functions
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Inheritance
  • Function overriding
  • Access Specifiers
    • Private
    • Public
    • Protected
  • Interfaces
  • Constants
  • Abstract Classes
  • Static keyword
  • Final keyword
  • Calling parent constructors

MySQL Installation and Basics

  • Database Introduction
  • MySQL installation on several platforms
  • MySQL connection
  • Database creation
  • Database Manipulations
    • Add
    • Edit
    • Retrieve
    • Delete
  • Table creation and manipulations

Advance query and Data Manipulation

  • LIKE clause
  • Sorting, Joins
  • Handling NULL Values
  • Regular Expressions
  • Transactions, ALTER Command
  • Indexes
  • Temporary Tables
  • Clone Tables
  • Database
  • Information
  • Sequences
  • Handling Duplicates
  • SQL Injections
  • Select, insert, update and delete using PHP script

Fundamentals of MVC infrastructure and CakePHP

  • Introduction to MVC
  • What are Model-View-Controller?
  • Use of framework in project
  • Installation of CakePHP
  • CakePHP folder structure
  • File naming conventions
  • Important config file

CakePHP Controller, Views and Layout

  • Application flow
    • Controlling and viewing interacts/exchanges of data
    • CakePHP helpers
  • Commonly used helpers
  • Creating controller
  • Creating views and layouts

Introduction to Models and Database Interaction in CakePHP

  • Define Models
  • Interaction of Model with database
  • Accessing and manipulating table data
  • Change database dynamically using the definitions in database.php config file

Creating Dynamic Forms using CakePHP Html Helpers

  • Introduction to basic HTML form, get, post methods
  • Generate form elements using CakePHP HTML helper
  • File handling in CakePHP
  • CakePHP Global variables and their use
  • Create, retrieve and delete session variables
  • Form validation using Model validation definitions
  • Create, retrieve and delete cookies


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Course Details

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    PHP & MySQL with MVC Frameworks Certification Training

  2. Duration

    2 Days

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Who is this course for?

PHP & MySQL with MVC Frameworks Certification Training is ideal for those professionals who want to become Web Developer or wish to gain knowledge regarding PHP & MySQL with an MVC framework.

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