Photoshop Masterclass Training

If you already know the Photoshop basics, our Photoshop Masterclass training course will blow your mind and take you to the next level!

Advanced Photoshop Training

You'll come away from this intensive, hands-on photoshop training course with the ability to make advanced selections, use composite layers in ways you never thought possible, and be able to retouch photographs like a pro.

Learn the techniques necessary to create, manipulate and edit professional quality images with skill and precision from our expert trainers who all have extensive industry experience as designers and photographers.

If you are involved in creating content for the web as a blogger or web designer, you may be interested in our Photoshop Training for Web Graphics course which focuses on creating and optimising graphics for web sites. Photoshop is ideal for this; something we explain in our free Photoshop for the Web eBook.

Our Photoshop Masterclass courses take place in the digital hub of Brighton, but we also provide in-company training at the location of your choice and tailored private courses at our premises. Call us +44 (0)1273 6222722 to discuss your requirements.


Our Photoshop Masterclass course is suitable for designers and photographers who already have working experience of Photoshop.

Course Objectives

After 1 day of Photoshop Masterclass training, you will be able to:

  • Use masks and layers to an advanced standard
  • Understand a variety of ways to make advanced selections and apply the most appropriate for each purpose
  • Use the Camera Raw plugin to its full extent
  • Use retouching features to make pictures perfect
  • Use Adobe Bridge to organise, proof and process images in batches

Who is this course for?

Designers & photographers familiar with Photoshop who want to use the more advanced features of Adobe's powerful tool. You should have working experience with Photoshop, or knowledge of basic computer operations.

Advanced Layers

  • Layer Effects and Styles
  • Clipping Masks and Layer Groups
  • Smart Filter Layers
  • Working with Smart Objects

Layer masks

  • Layer mask recap
  • Layer mask shortcuts
  • Layer mask techniques
  • Refining masks

Adjustment layers

  • Working non-destructively
  • Use in conjunction with masks
  • Using the histogram
  • Using Levels to ensure correct tonal range
  • Adjusting Hue & Saturation
  • Using Curves
  • Getting the best Black & White images
  • Colour correction


  • Using the Quick Selection tool
  • Using the Refine Edge command
  • Saving Alpha Channels
  • Refining selections with Quick Mask
  • Making a Channel mask

The Camera Raw Plug in

  • Understanding the Camera Raw format
  • The importance of bit depth in image manipulation
  • Exposure adjustments
  • The Graduated filter and Adjustment Brush tools


  • Content Aware fill
  • Non-destructive retouching
  • Extending images
  • Cloning in perspective
  • Sharpening techniques
  • Lens correction

An in-depth look at Bridge

Colour management

  • The need for colour management
  • Configuring default working colour spaces
  • Choosing an image profile
  • Soft proofing

Automated actions

  • Batch processing jpeg tiff and RAW files
  • Working with Actions
  • Running a batch command

If time allows: An introduction to HDR imaging

The Advanced Photoshop course was excellent, the trainer was very knowledgeable and was flexible enough for us to come along with issues that he could train us on. I would say this was the best course I've had in many years

Rosie Hill - Virgin Holidays

The advanced course in Photoshop enabled me to better understand the background dynamics of the programme.... I was impressed by the tutor who was extremely clear and responded exhaustively all to the different queries that were raised. Finally the training environment was very comfortable and friendly which made me feel relaxed and at my ease.

Rein Skullerud - World Food Programme

Very useful course, much of what I was taught I will be teaching my students. The tutor's knowledge was excellent and they were very patient. The teach was varied and open to questions on anything that individuals wanted to address.

May Everett - Bhasvic College

The course was extremely well prepared and carried out. This is the second time I have had the Trainer and as before, she was very thorough and made sure that all questions were answered. Definitely recommend this course for other designers.

Pegasus PR

Great course, great tutor, learnt a lot and had good fun doing it! Thanks

Neil Sparks - Pegasus PR

Brilliant overview of the advanced features of Photoshop - you will be inspired and amazed by all the shortcuts and 'secret handshakes' you learn with the Trainer.

Nina Cornwall - Glyndebourne Productions Ltd

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Photoshop Masterclass Training

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Photoshop Masterclass Training

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Please reach us at+44 20 4571 2395 or or for more information about the schedule

Photoshop Masterclass Training

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