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Agile Business Analysis Foundation and Practitioner

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Developed by APMG, this Agile Business Analysis Foundation and Practitioner Certification Course provides practising business analysts with extensive knowledge, skills, and tools of how to implement Agile approaches within their practice - providing high-valued solutions to stakeholder requirements. Agile Business Analysis Certifications give candidates guidance of how to implement Agile methods into their own working practice through encouraging a mixture of workshop/exercise tasks and lecture-based instruction - in order to ensure maximal knowledge acquisition and adherence to a stakeholder’s requirements during complex practice.

The Agile Foundation element of the course will be mainly instructor-led, whereas the Agile Practitioner modules will be very hands-on and scenario-based to encourage positive implementation within the real world. Whilst promoting enhanced financial and resource utilisation, this course will encourage business analysts to learn about and apply the set-Agile principles and framework within their practice, which is crucial when initiating and leading Agile projects and/or when analysing Agile business processes too. Understanding Agile from this perspective will help candidates when analysing, evaluating, and comprehending requirements of stakeholders - hence this course is significantly beneficial for businesses seeking functional and performance increments. Agile Business Analysts are much sought-after due to their pivotal role in initiating financially viable and beneficial Agile projects - justifying the importance of this Agile Training Course for both individuals and businesses.  

Undertaking this Agile Foundation and Practitioner Certification Course enables a Business Analyst to build upon Agile awareness, then transform their knowledge into practice - diverting away from traditional methods to an Agile approach, whilst also enhancing a candidate’s skill-set, allowing them to contribute to post-project business processes including alternative business objectives and overall strategic mission planning instigations. The Agile approach’s flexibility means that Agile Business Analysis principles can be applied regardless of the business/project size and the complexity of dysfunctional business processes, meaning that this certification is beneficial for a myriad of industries or multi-business free-lance business analysts.

Agile Business Analysis Foundation Exam

  • 50-Question Multiple Choice
  • 50% Pass Mark Required for Certification
  • 40 Minutes
  • Closed Book

Agile Business Analysis Practitioner Exam

  • Four 20-Mark Questions
  • Complex Form of Multiple Choice
  • 50% Pass Mark Required for Certification
  • 150 Minutes
  • Open Book - individuals are permitted to utilise the Agile Business Analyst Handbook

Course Objectives

Undertaking this Agile Business Analysis Foundation and Practitioner Course will improve upon knowledge concerning:

  • How an Agile Project Operates
  • How to Maximise Agile Business Analyst Processes
  • Establishing a clear Business Analyst's Role
  • Critiqueing Agile Business Analyst Techniques
  • Prioritising Agile methodology

Agile Business Analysis Foundation and Practitioner Course Content

  • What is Agile?
  • What is Agile Business Analysis?
  • Working on an Agile Business Analysis Project
  • An Agile Business Analyst’s Role
  • Applying Agile Business Analysis Methodology
  • Clarifying a distinguished Agile Business Analyst Role
  • Instructing Agile Business Implementation
  • Flexibility of Agile - How Agile Can Be Applied to A Range of Business Industries and Types
  • Agile Business Cases
  • Agile Business Analyst’s Context
  • Agile Analyst Techniques
  • Agile Stakeholder Requirements
  • Agile Business Modelling
  • Considering User Interactions
  • Prioritisation of Issue Management
  • Agile Fundamentals
  • Agile System Evaluation


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    Agile Business Analysis Foundation and Practitioner

  2. Duration

    4 Days

  3. Price Starting From

    £1,314.00 + VAT

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Who is this course for?

This course is intended for current and practicing business analysts that are looking to develop their knowledge of Agile and how to implement Agile Business Analysis techniques

There are no pre-requisites for this course

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