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Crystal Reports Courses

Crystal Reports

What is Crystal Reports?

Crystal Reports is a business application that allows individuals to generate and develop comprehensive powerful business reports that are founded upon complex statistics. The robust nature of Crystal Reports application enables individuals to transform raw data into readable and interactive reports that adhere to the audience’s preferred format - encouraging stakeholder engagement regarding productivity and awareness of current business processes.

Why Should I Study Crystal Reports?

Crystal Reports allows you to write comprehensive business reports that adhere to stakeholder demands, hence these certification courses are essential for managers that are required to keep investors up to date with business operations through written communication that is complemented with advanced data analysis for ease of process appreciation. Crystal Reports’ Database Expert Application allows individuals to transform Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and SQL Server databases into simplified illustrative graphs/tables - demonstrating the variability of Crystal Reports and the necessity to undertake these Certifications in order to utilise the application’s beneficial components fully

What Crystal Reports can I study with Silicon Beach Training?

With Silicon Beach Training you can gain your Crystal Reports Introduction (2011 & 2013) and Crystal Reports Advanced (2011 & 2013) Certifications - our accredited trainers are highly experienced and engaging offer you the best chance of exam success and knowledge acquisition through practising statistics-backed report writing. Our Introductory courses enable the development of knowledge concerning the potential utilisation of the Crystal Reports Application, whereas the advanced courses develop upon prior knowledge through focusing on implementing and practising report writing skills

Crystal Reports Courses

This Introductory Crystal Reports 2011 training course elevates a candidate's knowledge of how to optimise Crystal Reports software to create comprehensive business reports with statistical support.

This training course provides candidates with an elevated appreciation of the Crystal Reports Software, including how to utilise all of its functions including complex data analysis to create comprehensive business reports.

This Introductory Crystal Reports 2013 training course elevates a candidate's knowledge of how to optimise the most recent Crystal Reports software to create comprehensive business reports with complex statistical support.

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