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eBook Training with InDesign

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What is eBook Training with InDesign?

Are you struggling to stand out in a crowded online market? Break through the stream with a different form of content – eBooks. We’ve developed our eBook Training with InDesign Course specifically to meet the demand for creating content for tablets, mobiles and eReaders.

InDesign eBook Training

Publishing eBooks is ideal for content marketing in 2013. Web pages don’t cut it anymore; people read, move on and forget. eBooks are downloaded, stored and returned to – they’re usually better looking, more useful and more substantial than web pages or blog posts.

eBooks are perfect for brand awareness, building authority in your niche and even link building! One of the top uses for eBooks is for capturing data for email lists. By requiring basic information to download an eBook from your site, you can build up some great new sales leads, and you know what they’re interested in based on what they download! In fact, we have a free eBook for you to download all about InDesign paragraph styles, that was created using InDesign!

However! Publishing eBooks is not as easy as many device manufacturers make out. It’s not just a case of writing, hitting publish and marketing it. As well as design considerations there are formatting issues. Different tablets, eReaders and smartphones accept different file types, and different file types allow for different functions – from very interactive documents heavy with graphics and video to just text and links. On this eBook course you won’t just be learning the practical side, you’ll find out what your options are in a somewhat confusing market and be confident that you’re using the right tools.

Why Use InDesign?

As the industry standard tool for document layout and design, we believe that Adobe InDesign training is the best tool for creating and publishing eBooks.

However, being able to use InDesign doesn't mean being able to create eBooks. With our InDesign eBook course you will learn how to use your existing skills to create eBooks that meet industry design and publishing considerations.

Why ePub?

With the wide range of devices and eBook stores at the moment there is a lot of discussion as to which is the best publishing format. On this course we discuss your options but focus on ePub as the most widely recognised format. ePub is one of the most supported file types for eReaders, and is easily converted into other formats for incompatible devices.

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Before attending this InDesign eBooks course, you should first attend our 1-day InDesign Course or have equivalent experience using InDesign.

Course Objectives

After attending our InDesign eBook training course you will be able to:

  • Use InDesign to create an eBook from scratch
  • Adopt a best practice approach to formatting eBooks using InDesign
  • Publish & distribute your eBook to popular channels

eBook Training with InDesign Course Content

  • Overview of how ePubs work
  • Pros and Cons of PDF, ePub and DPS
  • Setting up the necessary tools for ePub publishing
  • Controlling the flow of documents
  • Anchoring content into the text flow
  • Using the articles panel
  • Techniques for managing sections and chapters
  • Managing images in ePub
  • Creating a cover image
  • Image export options
  • Creating a table of contents suitable for ePub
  • Using object output settings
  • Setting metadata
  • Exporting ePubs
  • Validating ePubs
  • Publishing considerations


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    eBook Training with InDesign

  2. Duration

    1 Day

  3. Price Starting From

    £1,895.00 + VAT

Onsite Training

This course can be run in-company anywhere in the world & we can tailor the content to focus on your requirements.

We regularly provide training in London, Manchester, Bristol and all over the United Kingdom.

Who is this course for?

Marketers looking to use eBooks for content marketing, traditional publishers who want to enter the digital publishing market & designers who want to add to their existing skill set. Before attending our Creating eBooks with InDesign Training Course you must have attended our 2-day InDesign workshop or have a good working knowledge of Adobe InDesign.

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