Photoshop Training for Web Graphics

What is Photoshop Training for Web Graphics?

When used with Dreamweaver, Photoshop is a powerful tool for web designers to produce any web graphics required on their site.

This Photoshop training course for the web is part of our Web Design Week package, and provides the knowledge you need to create web graphics with Photoshop, optimise your images and export them for use in Dreamweaver and CMS tools like WordPress.

In addition to this Introductory Photoshop for Web Graphics Course we offer Photoshop Training and Advanced Photoshop training courses for print design.

Why attend the Photoshop Training for Web Graphics training course?

No other image editing package comes close to Photoshop in terms of its power, usability and popularity - both among graphic designers and web designers.

Not convinced? Download our free Photoshop for the Web eBook for insight into how this program can and should be used.

Photoshop now includes all of the features formerly included in ImageReady - including the ability to optimise and prepare images for a wide range of purposes - most notably the web.

Coupled with easy to use slicing tools, enabling designers to divide up large images for use on the web - Photoshop is an indispensable tool for web designers.

What are the objectives of Photoshop Training for Web Graphics training?

Upon completion of this Photoshop training course, delegates will be confident in using Adobe Photoshop to:

  • Create and optimise images for the web.
  • Work effectively and flexibly with Photoshop tools to create stylish web graphics
  • Use filters and layer effects both as tools and effects
  • Export from Photoshop using the most appropriate file formats for the web.
  • Develop Photoshop skills further using the in depth knowledge gained during this course

Who is this course for?

This training course is suited to new designers who have some experience with the Photoshop interface, or that of a similar package, and are looking to develop their skills for the web.

Interface and Image Basics

  • Introduction to the Photoshop Interface
  • Choosing the Correct File Format
  • How Image Size and Resolution Works

Tools for Colour

  • Brush Types and How to Adjust Them
  • Changing Colours using Pantone and Numerical Colour Codes
  • Background and Canvas Colour

Tools for Selection

  • Marquee Tools
  • Magic Wand and Lasso
  • Transforming Selections

Using Layer Masks

  • Creating and Modifying a Layer Mask
  • Applying the Gradient Tool to a Mask

Working with Layers

  • Overview of Layers
  • The Layers Panel
  • Blending and Opacity
  • Transformation and Merging Layers
  • Working with Multiple Layers
  • Layer Effects

Adjusting Images

  • Destructive and Non-Destructive Techniques
  • Colour Balance
  • The Healing and Clone Tool
  • Removing Red-Eye

Theory was explained well and moved straight into practical applications which was what I was looking for. I enjoyed being able to participate at my own level as well as being shown what advanced processes would look like.

Alex Cowie - Maikai Ltd

Good all round training of Photoshop which was tailored to the class well because it was a small group. It felt tailored to our needs but it was clear that there was still structure to what we learnt.

Sally Darbyshire - Mooncup Ltd



Duration:1 Day

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Photoshop Training for Web Graphics

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Photoshop Training for Web Graphics

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Photoshop Training for Web Graphics

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Photoshop Training for Web Graphics

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