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HTML5 & CSS3 Training

The small class size meant the trainer had time to address individual needs. Nic was relaxed and informal, which made everyone feel at ease and able to go at their own pace.

Helen Oswald - ND Creative Ltd

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What is HTML5 & CSS3 Training?

Our 1-day HTML5 & CSS3 training course will teach you the latest features in web development and give you the tools to start building better content for the web.

HTML5 and CSS3 Training

The web is evolving. Web pages have become applications. Web content is now read on a wide variety of devices. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript provide front-end developers with the tools to create content for any platform.

Why are HTML5 & CSS3 Important?

HTML5 & CSS3 are the latest versions of the web's standard markup language, and includes a range of new features, tags and functionality. These allow for more flexibility when designing for desktops, and - perhaps more importantly - provides a new standard for the development of web content and web apps for mobile.

CSS3 allows developers to design more flexible and dynamic stylesheets, which can respond to a user's device, screen size and orientation, and also the user's behaviour. It can be used to add effects to page elements, and even to skew, re-size, rotate and transform page elements without the use of animation software like Flash.

We also provide private and in-company HTML5 & CSS3 courses. Call +44 (0)1273 622272 to discuss.


Before attending our HTML5 & CSS3 training course you should first come on our 2-day HTML & CSS course or have similar hands-on experience using HTML & CSS to write and format web pages from scratch, including building floated layouts and familarity with CSS1 and CSS2 selectors.

Course Objectives

After our HTML5 & CSS3 training course, you will have:

  • An overview of the HTML5 specification.
  • An understanding of how HTML5 differs from previous specifications.
  • Practical knowledge to implement new HTML5 elements and attributes.
  • Practical knowledge of how to use the audio, video and canvas elements.
  • Knowledge of the new JavaScript APIs.
  • The ability to provide JavaScript alternatives for unsupported features.
  • An understanding of the CSS3 specification
  • Knowledge of current browser support for CSS3 in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9+
  • Practical knowledge of how to implement new CSS3 features
  • Providing support for older browsers including IE6 - 8 (polyfills)

Course Feedback

The HTML5 course has given me the tools to further my knowledge of Web Design.

Gordon Blake - St Nicholas School

The instructor was easy to follow, explained things well and made great tea!

Kevin Wilson - Equiniti Ltd

Strengths of the course included the usability of exercises and the ability to ask questions at any point.

Paul Smith - ND Creative Ltd

Every subject was covered clearly, especially as my knowledge wasn't that great - the tutor made it very easy to understand.

Phil Smith - Expedia, Inc.

I undertook the HTML5 and CSS3 5 day course package earlier in the year I found the trainer for the course was exceptional, the example material which we worked from has been like a bible, I have already built my first practice website but more importantly I am able to understand, make suggestions and work more diligently with the development and production teams at work. As a complete beginner complex looking HTML was simplified to make total sense, within 4 weeks of putting into practice what I had learnt I was optimizing my first website for responsive design!

Phil Smith - Expedia

Great tutor, gave us some proper real-world insight into the fundamentals of the subject! Would recommend.

Craig Harris - INTO University Partnerships

Brilliant, helpful, friendly - making learning a pleasure!

Nick Vance - Sunset & Vine

Covered all the HTML5 & CSS3 features with excellent examples to try all the features. Very knowledgable tutor who coped well with our varying abilities and knowledge. I would definitely recommened this course to extend your learning, whether a developer or a designer.

Miranda Collett

HTML5 & CSS3 Training Course Content

HTML5 Features

  • Why use HTML5
  • New semantic tags
  • Custom data attributes
  • Controlling HTML5 video with JavaScript and CSS
  • Dynamic drawing with canvas and SVG
  • Form validation
  • Geolocation
  • Saving state with local storage
  • Offline APPCache

Implementing HTML5

  • What can you use now?
  • Checking for browser support
  • Using Modernizr.js
  • Polyfills to plug the gaps in older browsers
  • Useful resources

CSS3 Features

  • Colour and transparency
  • New selectors and pseudo-classes
  • Layout: FlexBox, multiple columns, box-sizing, grids
  • Fonts: web and icon fonts
  • Animation and transitions
  • Responsive web design using media queries
  • Responsive techniques: sprites, font sizes, fluid and fixed grids
  • Box shadows, text shadows, backgrounds, and border-radius

Implementing CSS3

  • Working with vendor prefixes
  • Browser support
  • Polyfills, Modernizr.js
  • Working with older versions of IE


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    HTML5 & CSS3 Training

  2. Duration

    1 Day

  3. Price Starting From

    £995.00 + VAT

Onsite Training

This course can be run in-company anywhere in the world & we can tailor the content to focus on your requirements.

We regularly provide training in London, Manchester, Bristol and all over the United Kingdom.

Who is this course for?

Web designers & developers, digital marketers and anyone who manages websites and wants to use the impressive features of HMTL5 & CSS3 to create and improve websites. 

It is essential that you have a working knowledge of, and practical experience with, HTML & CSS including tableless layouts. Familiarity with JavaScript is an advantage.

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