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React is a Javascript library created by engineers at Facebook, which offers an original approach to building web applications. This one day training course provides a full introduction to React. The training course explains relevant features from Javacsript ES6, and introduces tools, for buliding production-ready React apps.

Who is React Training Course for?

The training course assumes intermediate level JavaScript, though some more advanced JavaScript topics can be covered. This is a practical course aimed at developing real world skills for building websites.


Training course delegates should have the basic Javascript fundamentals (variables, arrays, objects and functions), and be familiar with HTML and CSS.


Course Objectives

By the end of this training course, candidates will be able to understand how to:

  • Build component-based apps in React.
  • Build tools are used to create React apps.

React Training Course Content

Introduction to React Native

  • What is React Native?
  • React Native Advantages
  • Risks and Drawbacks

Working with React Native

  • React Native Working
  • Rendering Lifecycle
  • Create Components in React Native
  • Host Platform APIs

Building the First Application

  • Setting Environment
  • Creating React Native App
  • Build Weather App

Exploring Components for Mobile

  • Analogies between HTML Elements and Native Components
  • Working with Touch, Gestures, and Lists
  • Navigation Basics

Introduction to Styles

  • Declaring and Manipulating Styles
  • Organisation and Inheritance
  • Position and Design Layouts

Overview of Platform APIs

  • Working with Geolocation
  • Access User Images and Camera
  • Store Persistent Data with AsyncStorage
  • SmarterWeather Application

Modules and Native Code

  • Install JavaScript Libraries with NPM and Third-Party Components with Native Code
  • Objective-C Native Modules
  • Java Native Modules
  • Cross-Platform Native Modules

Platform-Specific Code

  • iOS or Android-only Components
  • Components with Platform-Specific Implementations

Debugging and Developer Tools

  • JavaScript Debugging Practices, Translated
  • React Native Debugging Tools
  • Debugging Beyond JavaScript
  • Testing Code

Navigation and Structure in Larger Applications

  • Flashcard Application
  • Basics of Project Structure
  • React-Navigation Usage

State Management in Larger Applications

  • Manage State with Redux
  • Actions and Reducers
  • Connecting Redux
  • Persist Data with AsyncStorage


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    React Training

  2. Duration

    1 Day

  3. Price Starting From

    £1,895.00 + VAT

Onsite Training

This course can be run in-company anywhere in the world & we can tailor the content to focus on your requirements.

We regularly provide training in London, Manchester, Bristol and all over the United Kingdom.

Who is this course for?

Delegates should understand Javascript fundamentals (variables, arrays, objects and functions), and be familiar with HTMLand CSS.

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