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Microsoft Project Masterclass Training

Maggie went over and above to help us, using her knowledge well. I feel as though I can go away and use the software confidently. The course was tailored to our needs and the tutor very knowledgeable.

Jonathan Seymour - EDF Energy

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What is Microsoft Project Masterclass Training?

With this Microsoft Project Masterclass training course you can analyse your project information by using Gantt charts, graphs, tables and views and you can track how your project progresses, identifying what to do if it doesn't proceed to plan.

Microsoft Project Training

Using Microsoft Project, you can monitor and schedule your projects using resources such as people, equipment, time and money.

If you are new to project management you should also consider our 1-day Introduction to Project Management course - or something from our range of PRINCE2 Training Courses.

As well as our scheduled courses in Brighton, UKwe provide private and in-company MS Project courses. If you'd like to discuss this further - or to book a course, just give us a call on +44 (0)1273 622272.

Course Objectives

On completion of this training course, you will:

  • Understand the concepts of project planning using Microsoft Project
  • Know how to identify, organise and manage the tasks and resources required to complete a project under the constraints of time and cost to achieve a final project target.

Course Feedback

Highly recommend the course. This will improve my work in so many ways.

Marc O'Shea - Exelis

Very comprehensive course by Jane. Learnt everything I wished and much more! Highly recommended course!

Oliver Perkins - Exelis

A very worthwhile course. Started on time. Presented efficiently and effectively by Jane. All planned items were covered and the additional personal interests of the delegates were also covered. I have used MS Project quite a bit and was very pleased to learn the newer version, short cuts and advanced techniques today.

Evelyn Edwards - ReNeuron

A well-structured and well-delivered course; I learnt a lot in a day and can't wait to start using MS Project now!

Donna McLaren - ReNeuron

Very good. 1-2-1 basis is definitely worth the money in terms of benefit and tailored approach. Thanks.

Alex Jordan - ATJ Solutions

Microsoft Project Masterclass Training Course Content

1. Project Management

  • Microsoft Project
  • Understanding Project Management
  • Microsoft Project terminology
  • Starting Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Project- The Screen
  • Elements of the Default View
  • Views and Tables
  • The Tracking Gantt View
  • Microsoft Project - Menus
  • Microsoft Project - The Tool Bar
  • Loading and Viewing a Project
  • Project Management
  • The Stages of Project Management

2. Planning the Project

  • Defining the Project
  • Complete the Project Definition
  • Project Planning
  • Complete the Project Plan
  • Where to Begin with Microsoft Project
  • Setting the project start date
  • Working with the base calendar
  • Save the New Project File

3. Task Entry and Linking

  • Entering Tasks
  • The Task Entry Form
  • Tables and descriptions
  • Other Methods of Adding Tasks
  • Sorting, inserting and deleting tasks
  • Defining the Summary Tasks
  • The Outlining View (Summary)
  • Promoting and Demoting Tasks
  • Task Relationships
  • Linking Tasks
  • Modifying and Deleting Task Relationships
  • Effort driven scheduling
  • Formatting the Gantt Chart

4. Resource Entry

  • Enter Resources
  • View Resources
  • Set Resource Calendars
  • Editing Resource Information
  • Review Resource Usage
  • Inserting and Deleting Resources
  • Planned Time Scale

5. Working with Resources

  • Viewing overallocated resources
  • The resource management toolbar
  • The resource management views
  • Levelling with Microsoft Project
  • Resolving overallocated resources

6. Working with your views

  • Using Gantt Charts
  • Using Network Diagram
  • View the Network Diagram
  • Elements of the Network Diagram
  • More about Tables
  • Applying Filters
  • Working with Tables and Filters
  • Examining the Cost Factor

7. Printing and Reporting

  • Page Setup
  • Printing Charts, Forms and Sheets
  • Reports Setup
  • What You Can Print
  • Reports by Report Type

8. Updating the Project

  • Setting the baseline
  • More on the Task Information Form
  • Changing or adding tasks
  • Tracking Progress
  • The Gantt Chart and the Critical Path
  • Define an Update Point
  • Updating the Project

9. Multiple Projects

  • Using Common Resources
  • Setting up a resource pool
  • Adding Sub Projects
  • Recurring Tasks
  • The Organizer
  • Create a Custom toolbar button


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    Microsoft Project Masterclass Training

  2. Duration

    1 Day

  3. Price Starting From

    £324.00 + VAT

Upcoming Dates

Onsite Training

This course can be run in-company anywhere in the world & we can tailor the content to focus on your requirements.

We regularly provide training in London, Manchester, Bristol and all over the United Kingdom.

Who is this course for?

Project managers and IT professionals who need an introduction to Microsoft Project. We recommend getting used to the Microsoft Project interface; you can download a trial version from Microsoft.

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