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Consulting Skills Training

Comprehensive notes and clear models, a wealth of great examples and advice. The course met the stated objectives plus all of my personal ones.

Stephen Olley - Family Investments

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What is Consulting Skills Training?

The need for consulting work is more important than ever as businesses look to improve their processes and streamline operations. Hence, business skills and personal development training courses are greatly important.

The aim of this Consulting Skills training course is to develop the consulting skills of professional staff to promote and improve a client centered approach.

Having completed this consulting skills training course participants will be able to:

  • Build an effective working relationship with their clients,
  • Carry out an initial diagnosis of client needs,
  • Contract with clients to provide a framework within which they will work,
  • Provide feedback to a client,
  • Review and evaluate solutions implemented,
  • Develop ongoing relationships with their clients.

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Course Objectives

Having completed this Consulting Skills training course participants will be able to:

  • Build an effective working relationship with their clients
  • Carry out an initial diagnosis of client needs
  • Contract with clients to provide a framework within which they will work
  • Provide feedback to a client
  • Review and evaluate solutions implemented
  • Develop on-going relationships with their clients

Consulting Skills Training Course Content

What is consultation?

  • Consulting v. managing; different consultancy styles and key features; transferring ownership; linking activities to organisational aims and goals.

The consulting process.

  • Consulting is really a series of stages or phases, and we use ECIFAR (entry, contracting, investigation, feedback, action, review) to explore the key activities and skills of each of these phases of the process.

Key skills in consultancy.

  • Questioning, listening, matching energy, diagnosing and analysis, feedback.

Consulting issues.

  • Ethical considerations; the true client.

Current Perceptions:

  • Individual Roles
  • Clients View
  • Ideal Situation

Introduction to Consultancy:

  • Key skills and behaviours required by a consultant
  • The consultancy process
  • Self-analysis

Entry and Contracting Phases:

  • Key skills and behaviours
  • practical session

Investigation phase:

  • Diagnosis techniques
  • Analysis techniques

The final Stages Process - key skills:

  • Feedback
  • Action
  • Review
  • Practical Session

Consulting Issues:

  • Ethical issues
  • Who is the real client?


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    Consulting Skills Training

  2. Duration

    1 Day

  3. Price Starting From

    £995.00 + VAT

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Who is this course for?

This Consulting Skills training course is designed for anyone operating in a consulting capacity. The programme is particularly suitable for those consulting in their professional field or as an internal consultant.