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Big Data

Curious to enhance your knowledge of the Big Data landscape? Big Data describes the large volume of structured and unstructured data. The challenges of Big Data include data storage, data analysis, transfer, querying and information privacy. Learn how to unlock value in massive datasets. The training program enables you to apply your insights to real world scenarios. The course is beneficial for those who want to master the core concepts behind big data problems, systems and applications. In this course, you will experience different dimensions of Big Data – Volume, Variety, Velocity, Variability and Complexity.

Big Data Courses

The Apache Solr Certification course equips the delegates with the knowledge required to use and adopt the Enterprise Grade Search Engine. The course provides an overview of the Apache Lucene, Solr platform, core Lucene APIs and Solr features. The course enables the delegates to master the concepts of Apache Solr, Apache Solr Cloud and its features.

The Big Data Hadoop Certification Training course provides comprehensive knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop framework including MapReduce, HDFS and YARN and helps you to become a Big Data expert. The course is beneficial for anyone who wants to learn more about Big Data and perform essential data analytics using Hadoop.

The Comprehensive Hive Certification course provides an overview of Hive UDF, Hive Query language and other concepts like Loading, Querying and Importing data in Hive. The course enables the delegates to manage and control Big Data with ease and achieve their career goals in dealing with the Database management.

ELK stands for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. These three are a separate and open-source project. They work exceptionally efficiently when working in tandem. The ELK Stack Course provides a thorough understanding of the various components of ELK Stack and open sources. 

The Hadoop Administration course equips the delegates with proficiency in all the steps required to manage a Hadoop cluster and successfully work as a Hadoop Administrator. In the entire Hadoop ecosystem, hadoop clusters are administered and managed by a Hadoop Administrator.

The MapReduce Design Patterns Certification course provides a complete overview of MapReduce, its relevance, origins and implementations. The delegates will learn how to implement various frameworks of MapReduce, how to write mature code using MapReduce and how to avoid common mistakes during modeling of big data architecture.

The Apache Kafka Certification Training course provides an overview of Kafka Architecture, Installation and Configuration. The course enables the delegates to gain expertise in Apache Kafka and become a successful Kafka Big Data Developer.

The Apache Spark and Scala Certification course provide in-depth theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills to enhance your competence in Big Data Spark. The course provides an overview of Spark and its ecosystem, Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, RDD and Scala. 

The Apache Storm Certification Training course introduces delegates to the world of Apache Storm. The course provides an overview of the fundamentals, architecture, topology, structure and mechanism of Storm.

The Mastering Apache Ambari Certification course provides a comprehensive knowledge of Ambari, its use cases, industry relevance and the different kinds of managing tools present in the market.

The Comprehensive HBase certification Training is designed for everyone who want to enhance their skills and knowledge about the NoSQL database. The HBase training provides information about the HBase architecture, integration with Hive, data analytics, Work on real-life industry projects and monitoring cluster using Zookeeper.

The Comprehensive Pig certification training is designed for everyone who wants to enhance their knowledge in Hadoop and want to know about the latest concepts and terminologies of Pig. 

Comprehensive MapReduce Training helps the delegates in developing their knowledge about MapReduce framework, and the received MapReduce certification will prove their ability to the employers.

Splunk Power User and Admin Certification provide in-depth knowledge about the latest concepts which are required for both Splunk Administrators and Splunk Power Users.

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