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Mastering Apache Ambari Certification

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The Mastering Apache Ambari Certification course provides a comprehensive knowledge of Ambari, its use cases, industry relevance and the different kinds of managing tools present in the market. The course enables the delegates to effectively use Apache Ambari as the cluster implementation and design a whole cluster of different nodes without any sign of delay. The Ambari has derived its name from Indian folklore meaning “saddle on an elephant”. The delegates will be introduced to the architecture and internals of Ambari.

The installation of Hadoop and its ecosystem will also be explained in detail. During the course, the delegates will explore the different management tools, and roles and responsibilities lead by a Hadoop Administrator and learn how to install Hadoop or cluster for a fine-tuning. The training program will be conducted by industry leading experts who will help the delegates in mastering the Ambari components as well as the Hadoop installation with its ecosystem. The delegates will also discover the various tasks related to the implementation of the Hadoop ecosystem.

The Apache Ambari course provides essential knowledge and skills required to become a successful Hadoop Administrator who can effectively deal with the Data and Analytics issues. By the completion of the course, the delegates will be able to use features and functionalities of Ambari effectively and smoothly. Throughout the course, the delegates will also learn about administrative configurations such as Hadoop security, memory optimization, database security, Ldap and troubleshooting.

The course is divided into two sections; the first section will cover the fundamental concepts of Hadoop and management tools, while advanced topics around tuning and tweaking of the Hadoop cluster will be discussed in the second part. After attending the training program, the delegates will be able to grab high paying Hadoop Admin jobs.


The delegates are expected to have a basic understanding of management tools architecture, general relational databases, Hadoop, and Basic Unix.

Course Objectives

  • Get insights into architecture and installation of Ambari
  • Configure Ambari to specific Hadoop cluster needs
  • Work with various components to manage and monitor
  • Add new components and support Hadoop stacks and
  • Understand and identify with different management tools
  • Learn the advantages of Apache Ambari
  • Use Ambari with Apache Hadoop, e. utilizing Ambari tools to build cluster, add nodes, and remove nodes seamlessly
  • Work on Ambari Web app and learn Ambari Install Wizard
  • Understand the basic and advanced features and functionalities of Ambari

Mastering Apache Ambari Certification Course Content

Getting started with Ambari

The module explains the concept of Ambari including the prerequisites and its use cases. The delegates will also understand the importance of Ambari and working of managing tools.

  • What is Ambari?
  • The Types of managing tools
  • What are the Prerequisites and Working of managing tools

Ambari Architecture / Installations

The module describes the architecture of Ambari and installation of Hadoop. The delegates will also learn about the implementation of the Hadoop ecosystem.

  • Setting up Ambari and related tools
  • Tasks in Ambari
  • Installation of Hadoop
  • Installation of different components of Hadoop and service management

Using Ambari Client/Server

In this module, the delegates will explore the Ambari Web UI. They will learn how to create a Hadoop cluster and how to manage views, users and groups.

  • Understanding of Ambari UI
  • Ambari
  • Creating a cluster, managing users
  • Groups and views

Management with Ambari

The module explains accessing Ambari Web, management of service, Stacks and version management capabilities of Ambari.

  • Accessing Ambari Web
  • Service management
  • Hosts managements
  • Stacks and versions management
  • Alerts and monitoring management

Ambari Advance topics and Security

In this module, the delegates will learn how to manage a Hadoop installation. The delegates will also explore Hadoop Security, troubleshooting, Ldap and database security.

  • Troubleshooting through Ambari
  • Reviewing logs and general Issues
  • Configuration of Security
  • Kerberos setup
  • Implementation of Ldap
  • Implement Security in Databases and Passwords
  • Performance optimization and Memory optimization


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    Mastering Apache Ambari Certification

  2. Duration

    2 Days

  3. Price Starting From

    £1,995.00 + VAT

Who is this course for?

The Mastering Apache Ambari certification course is aimed at professionals who want to gain an understanding of Apache Ambari. The Apache Ambari course is also beneficial for:

  • Testing specialists around Mainframe or Java
  • Specialists or the administrators who want to become the Hadoop Administrators
  • Subject matter experts, such as DBAs, who are working in jobs around large clusters

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