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HTML & CSS Training

Great course, but very fast paced. Perfect for someone with a little background knowledge. Extremely knowledgeable teacher.

Vicky Harvey

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What is HTML & CSS Training?

Our 2-day HTML & CSS website design training course provides an introduction to web design for those with little or no experience. You will learn everything you need to know to start coding your own websites from scratch, enabling you to move on to our HTML5 and CSS3 course.

HTML and CSS Training

HTML5 & CSS3 is the perfect follow on to this training course, enhancing your skills by teaching you the more advanced and creative elements of web design.

If you're new to web programming, learning HTML & CSS is undoubtedly the place you should start.

We also provide private and in-company HTML & CSS courses. Call us on +44 (0)1273 622272 to discuss.

What are the objectives of the HTML & CSS training course?

By the end of this HTML & CSS training course, you will be able to:

  • Create and validate web pages according to HTML standards
  • Create W3C validated CSS stylesheets
  • Use CSS and HTML to build websites from scratch using code
  • Start to learn about HTML5 & CSS3 - the latest standard in web development

Who’s the HTML & CSS Course intended for?

This training course is intended for digital workers, who are familiar with working on a Mac or PC, and want to create their own web pages.

Course Feedback

The tutors were really careful not to use technical jargon or acronyms and to never go too fast until all the class have caught up. They managed the different levels in the class very well, supporting those that were a little behind and needed extra help while simultaneously setting other tasks for those that were faster. The resources they recommended as we went where very helpful and the course notes were excellent.

Melanie Dearing

Clear & concise info, found it very easy to understand. John answered all questions and made sure we all understood. The course flowed very well, and went at the pace of the class. I've gained the basics for further leaning which was my aim. The course was structured, easy to understand, relaxed and informative for further study and progression.

Amy Hirrell - Namesco

I was very impressed by the one day CSS course. I didn't think that so much information could be packed into just the one day, plus the tutor notes and exercises will allow me to continue practicing in my own time.

Josh Hayes - Niton Equipment Ltd

Really good intro to CSS, I knew a fair bit already but learnt a lot. Good pacing, we covered everything thoroughly but quickly.

Michael Smith - IGD

Great course, it was just what I needed. Pitched at the right level for someone who knows little about HTML/CSS.

Dave Harrison - White Mountain Media

Great into to HTML & CSS. Giselle was a great instructor and very helpful.

Mark Sanchez - IBM

Great course, great atmosphere and environment, very patient. Felt comfortable asking questions and nothing was left unanswered.

Wayne Phipps - G.A. Wedderburn & Co.

HTML & CSS Training Course Content


  • The evolution of the web
  • An introduction to HTML and the web
  • A separation of concerns: HTML and CSS
  • Working with the tools: browsers, text editors


  • Defining the structure and meaning of your page
  • What is markup?
  • Block level elements: divs, paragraphs, headings
  • Inline elements: spans, em, strong
  • Working with images
  • Creating simple navigation using lists
  • Creating links to other pages


  • A rule based language for defining style
  • Defining simple CSS rules
  • Working with classes and IDs
  • Defining font-families and font-size
  • The box model: margin, padding and border
  • Working with colour and transparency
  • Using floats to create column layouts
  • Creating simple navigation with lists and floats
  • Working with grids for layout

Tools and resources

  • Using FTP
  • Browser tools for debugging your page
  • Image formats
  • Future directions: HTML5, responsive design
  • Accessibility issues


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  1. Course Title

    HTML & CSS

  2. Duration

    2 Days

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