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Python Scripting Certification Training

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The Python Scripting Certification training provides complete knowledge to the delegates about Python. The Python training enables the delegates to build applications easily. With the help of Python Scripting training the delegates will be able to operate variable types by using Pycharm. The delegates will learn the importance of Python in a real-time environment. The delegates also able to develop applications which are based on Object-Oriented Programming concept. The delegates will also understand the difference between both, Scripting and Programming language.

The Python training also provides basic knowledge required to perform common scripting tasks. Throughout the Python training, the delegates get to know about essential elements of programming language. With the help of Python training the delegates will be able to write short Python programs. The delegates also understand how to write Python code including creating objects, functions and more.

The Python training helps the delegates on how to create multiple data accessors to manage several data storage formats. The delegates also understand how to develop dynamic, platform-independent GUIs and data-driven web applications. The training also provides in-depth knowledge to the delegates about the data types. The training helps the delegates how to create Python scripts that use various aspects of the language. At the end of the Python scripting certification the delegates will be able to develop networking applications with appropriate GUI.


For attending the Python Scripting Certification training, the delegates should have a basic understanding of Computer Programming languages and basic concepts related to Data analysis.

Course Objectives

After the completion of Python Scripting Certification at Silicon Beach Training, the delegates will be able to:

  • Know the concepts related to Python as a programming language
  • Understand the importance of Python in real time environment
  • Comprehend the Scripting concepts
  • Create and execute functions and modules
  • Understand data types, loops, operators and decision-making statements
  • Create networking application with proper GUI
  • Develop applications which are based on Object-Oriented Programming
  • Comprehend Python's flexible function protocols

Python Scripting Certification Training Course Content

Introduction to Python and Scripting Concepts

  • Overview of Python
  • The companies using Python
  • Explore Python Framework
  • Other applications in which Python can be used
  • Introduction to Scripting
  • Difference between a Scripting language and Programming language
  • Versions of Python
  • Installation of Python

Introduction to Data Types and Decision Making

  • Introduction to Identifiers
  • Understand about the Different Operators
  • What are the different variable types?
  • About the Decision making statements
  • Overview of Loops

Functions, Modules and Exception Handling

  • Function Parameters
  • Python files I/O Functions
  • Variable scope and Returning Values
  • Global variables
  • Modules used in python
  • Errors and Exception Handling
  • Handling multiple exceptions
  • Python Boto ec2 module
  • The standard exception hierarchy Using Modules

Deep Dive into Data Types

  • About Numbers
  • Tuples and related operations
  • Strings and related operations
  • Dictionaries and related operations
  • Sets and related operations
  • Lists and related operations

Networking Programming, Multithreading and GUI Programming

  • GUI programming
  • Networking programming
  • Why Python is called Object Oriented language?
  • Objects and Class
  • Multithreading
  • MySQL DB access


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    Python Scripting Certification Training

  2. Duration

    2 Days

  3. Price Starting From

    £1,995.00 + VAT

Who is this course for?

The Python Scripting Certification training is designed for below professionals:

  • Data Scientists, Data Analysts
  • Programmers, Developers, Technical Leads and Architects
  • Business Analysts

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