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Video For The Web

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The Video for the Web training course equips you to make professional looking videos for websites and social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.  No experience or special equipment required.

Video can now be watched any time, any place anywhere and has emerged as a super-powerful marketing communications tool. A website video can demonstrate a product, tell a brand or business story and can move people emotionally. Video also hugely increases the chances of a website being found in Google searches, and posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin that contain a video are far more likely to be shared.

Previously, any company or organization wishing to harness the power of video had to incur the cost of using outside suppliers or risk producing sub-standard video that damaged the company’s brand image. Not anymore. This training course equips marketing professionals, amongst others, to produce professional looking video with the most basic equipment, allowing companies to use video extensively without incurring any outside supplier costs.

Video for the Web harnesses the power of video for business in a range of exciting new ways that puts the power of professionally produced video in the hands of companies without having to resort to using expensive outside video production suppliers.

Our highly experienced industry professional trainer has producer-director experience and has made TV commercials, broadcast documentaries and a wide range of video content for the web. 

Who is the Video For The Web course for?

The Video For The Web training course is for companies that recognize producing professional looking video in-house can add real value to their communications saving on using outside suppliers,  increasing the usage of video at next to no cost and contributing to the professional development of key personnel in a highly creative way.

This training course equips marketing professionals, amongst others, to produce professional looking video with the most basic equipment, allowing companies to use video extensively without incurring any outside supplier costs. You don’t have to be a techie or a keen hobbyist film-maker. 



You don’t have to be a techie or a keen hobbyist film-maker. The training course is for absolutely anyone. If you can stand still, point a camcorder or mobile phone and hit play then the course is designed to do the rest. 



Course Objectives

After attending the Video For The Web course you will be able to shoot and edit professional looking videos including voice over commentary for websites, YouTube, social media and other digital platforms whatever the equipment you use. 

You will be able to:

  • Understand and put into practice the principles of film grammar which underpin all professional looking video production
  • Shoot and edit promotional video and other marketing video content to a professional standard
  • Write commentary and conduct to camera interviews that tell a compelling business or brand story
  • Upload videos to websites and social media platforms

Video For The Web Course Content


  • Research A Subject
  • How To Write A Script Outline 
  • Making A Shot List 
  • Preparing A Call Sheet 


  • Basic Principles - Framing, Camera Moves & The Rule  Of Thirds
  • Coverage - Getting All The Shots You Need
  • Shot Sizes - Wide Shots, Close Ups & Cutaways
  • Audio  - Recording Clean Sound
  • Location Shooting - What To Watch Out For

Shooting Interviews

  • How To Shoot A PTC (Piece To Camera)
  • Getting People To Talk On Camera - Basic Interview Questions
  • Interview Shooting Excercise with Professional Actor


  • Editing Techniques Explained
  • Continuity Editing - How To Tell A Visual Story
  • Types of Edits - Wide Shot To Close Up, Cutting On Action, Dissolves & Fades
  • Hands-on Editing Excercises With Supplied Footage


  • Writing A Final Script To Picture
  • Writing & Recording Commentary 
  • Graphics, Logos & Sub-titles
  • Working With A Background Music Track
  • Mixing All The Audio Elements Together


  • How To Copy  &  Keep Your Finished Video
  • How To Upload Your Finished Video To YouTube & Other Social Media Platforms



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Book/Buy Now

Course Details

Course Title
Video For The Web
2 days
£795.00 + VAT

Onsite Training

This course can be run in-company anywhere in the world & we can tailor the content to focus on your requirements.

We regularly provide training in London, Manchester, Bristol and all over the United Kingdom.

Who is this course for?

Our Video For The Web course suits marketing and communications professionals, small business owners and charities that manage their own digital marketing, PR and social media and want to add the power of creating video content to their capabilities. No previous video of technical knowledge is required.



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