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The ReactJS with Redux course provides an overview of the fundamental concepts of ReactJS and its ecosystem, Redux and its features and lastly, how React and Redux can be used together to build extensive applications. During the course, the delegates will be introduced to JavaScript MVC, View Technology, ReactJS, basic features of React, JSX, Components and Props, Conditional Rendering, Lifting State Up and Lists and Keys. The delegates will also learn about the core concepts of Redux including its three principles, Redux Setup and Legacy of Redux.

Master the concept of React Redux, Data Flow and Usage with React, Async Actions and Async Flow and Middleware and React Router with Silicon Beach Training’s two days ReactJS with Redux Certification course. By the completion of the course, the delegates will be able to develop necessary ReactJS applications efficiently and confidently. The ReactJS with Redux Certification course equips the delegates with the essential skills necessary to become an efficient Client-Side Application Developer.

During the training program, the candidates will also get an opportunity to learn about the native of the Redux environment. The course covers the key features of Redux and React and enables delegates to create an extensive application by making effective use of the React and Redux together. The delegates will receive an interactive hands-on session and also get proper guidance from Industry Experts any time after course completion.

Throughout the course, the delegates will learn the functionality of React.js and its capability to resolve issues, gain a deep knowledge of React.js components and JSX and know how to maintain application state in a Redux Store. WE ensure that the delegates will have detailed knowledge of the course at the end of the course. They will be fully ready to take up the certification exams and pass with good marks.


Before attending the ReactJS with Redux Certification course, the delegates are expected to have:

  • Knowledge of basic JavaScript concepts
  • Basic knowledge of Computer Programming terminologies

Course Objectives

  • Have a proper understanding of React Basics and React Key Features
  • Get insights into ReactJS
  • Discuss Redux Basics
  • Explore Data Flow and Usage with React
  • Understand Middleware and React Router
  • Explain about Testing in Redux
  • Understand Async Flow and Async Actions in Redux
  • List the Advanced features of Redux

ReactJS with Redux Certification Training Course Content

Introduction to ReactJS

The module provides an overview of ReactJS, JavaScript MVC and View Technology.

  • Describe Javascript MVC
  • Explain View Technology
  • Introduction to ReactJS
  • React and SPA
  • Basic Setup/Configuration
  • First Example – Hello World

React Basics

In this module, the delegates will learn about basic features of React.

  • React Concepts
  • JSX
  • Render Elements
  • Components and Props
  • State and Lifecycle
  • Handling Events

React Key Features

The module covers the other key features of React.

  • Conditional Rendering
  • Lists and Keys
  • Forms
  • Lifting State Up
  • Composition vs Inheritance
  • Thinking In React

Redux Introduction

In this module, the delegates will be exposed to Redux framework.

  • Introduction
  • Motivation
  • Core Concepts
  • Three Principles
  • Legacy of Redux
  • Redux Setup
  • First example on Redux

Redux Basics

The module explains Action, Reducers and Store.

  • Action
  • Action Creators
  • State Shape
  • Handling Actions
  • Handling more actions
  • Splitting Reducers
  • Store
  • Dispatch Actions

Data Flow and Usage with React

The module covers Data Flow and Usage with React.

  • Data Flow
  • Install React Redux
  • Presentational and Container Components
  • Design Component Hierarchy
  • Implementing Components
  • Passing the Store

Async Actions and Async Flow in Redux

In this module, the delegates will understand Async Actions and Async Flow.

  • Actions
  • Synchronous Action Creators
  • Design State Shape
  • Handle Actions
  • Async Action Creators
  • Async Flow

Middleware and React Router

The module introduces delegates to Middleware and React Router.

  • Middleware
  • Middleware Applicability
  • React Router Overview
  • React Router Configuration
  • React Router with Redux
  • Navigate with React Router

Advanced features of Redux

The module explains the advanced features of Redux in detail.

  • EObject Select Operator
  • Object Select Operator Applicability
  • Redux on Server
  • Configuration – Server Rending
  • Server side – Server Rendering
  • Client side – Server Rendering

Testing Redux

This module will focus on testing in Redux and also provides an overview of Jest.

  • Overview of Jest
  • Setup testing environment
  • Test Action Creators
  • Test Async Action Creators
  • Test Reducers
  • Test Components
  • Test Connected Components
  • Test Middleware
  • Other Testing options


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Course Details

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    ReactJS with Redux Certification Training

  2. Duration

    2 Days

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Who is this course for?

The ReactJS with Redux Certification course is beneficial for:

  • Full Stack Developers
  • Technical Leads and UI Developers
  • Freshers and aspiring UI developers
  • Technical Project Managers and Architects