Work Packages in PRINCE2: Managing Product Delivery

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Work Packages in PRINCE2: Managing Product Delivery

Within the Managing Product Delivery phase of the PRINCE2® framework, there are three distinct stages regarding the Work Package; that must be completed and documented.

In our post 'Getting Work Done with PRINCE2' our trainer Claudine explains Work Packages in relation to the Controlling a Stage process. In this post we will outline the Managing Product Delivery aspects of Work Packages and the actions necessary for successful completion.

You can learn more about work packages in PRINCE2 on our PRINCE2 Training.

Purpose of Process

It is important to understand what the intended results of the Managing Product Delivery process are:

  • To set out and decide upon the requirements with the Project Manager
  • To do the work
  • To keep the Project Manager updated on progress
  • To sanction the completion of the work
  • Make the Project Manager aware of the completion of the work

The reason it is important to know the purpose of this process is because if at any point there is contention or an issue that must beaddressed, everything has been documented and carried out according to a set structure and so can be easily accessed and acknowledged.

As such, these are the three stages regarding work packages within the Managing Product Delivery Process:

1/ Accepting a Work Package

What does it do?

  • Allows the Project Manager to approve a Work Package
  • Outlines the work required to complete the Work Package
  • Assesses risks in Work Package plan
  • Outlines time and resource needs
  • Outlines quality requirements and tolerances
  • Allows for clear and effective handover of end product

How does it do it?

  • By conferring with the Project Manager on requirements, including quality requirements
  • Along with the Project Assurance, outlines any independent parties who are required to have input on the quality checking
  • Sets out target dates and constraints for the work
  • Makes clear the ways in which the work package products will be handed over upon completion
  • Creates a Team Plan for doing the work
  • Aligns the plan with the Work Package
  • Keeps the Project Manager updated about any issues or new risks exposed by the plan
  • Keeps the Quality Register maintained with any changes
  • Changes the plan in order to fit the Work Package
  • Outlines tolerances

2/ Execute a Work Package

What does it do?

  • Manages product development as outlined in the Work Package
  • Gains approval for the products developed
  • Transfers products to Configuration Manager

How does it do it?

  • Allocates work
  • Upholds processes and procedures outlined in Work Package
  • Records expenditure in all areas
  • Compares with set tolerances
  • Stays aware of risks and makes Project Manager aware of any new risks
  • Evaluates progress
  • Keeps Project Manager aware of progress
  • Makes sure quality checks are completed
  • Makes sure anyone involved in the Work Package is also involved in the quality checks
  • Keeps Quality Register updated
  • Gains acceptance of completed products as assigned in the Work Package
  • Transfers products to Configuration Manager
  • Ensures item records are updated
  • Keeps team plan updated with progress
  • Makes Project Manager aware of any issues

3/ Deliver a Work Package

What does it do?

  • Makes the Project Manager aware of the completion of the work

How does it do it?

  • Makes sure the Quality Register contains details of the Quality Checks on the product
  • Make sure Team Plan is fully up to date and outlines the completion of the Work Package
  • Uphold procedure outlined in Work Package that defines destination of completed products
  • Makes the Project Manager aware that the Work Package is complete

If you want to find out more about maintaining quality with PRINCE2, check out this post on 'The Quality Trail'.

These stages of the Work Package in relation to Managing Product Delivery in PRINCE2 only make up a small part of ensuring that a project is completed effectively. To get the full picture of PRINCE2 and how it is used to manage projects successfully, why not try ourPRINCE2 Practitioner Training.

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