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4 Great CSS & jQuery Navigation Bar Tutorials

The navigation bar is an important consideration for your website, both in terms of design and usability.Visitors use it constantly to get to the different parts of your site, so if it is poorly designed or difficult to use your visitors may not enjoy using your site and be reluctant to return.

UPDATE: Since we wrote this post, LOADS more tutorials have hit the web! Check out our NEW10 BEST jQuery Navigation Bar Tutorialspost in our Free Resource section.

However a really well designed dynamic menu that's easy to use can make your site stand out from the crowd. One of the most popular ways of creating animated navigation bars used to beFlash- however with the popularity of iPhones and iPads now (which don't support Flash)no-one in their right mind would make their main navigation elements in Flashas it would render their site unusable on any device running iOS!

Read more about designing for mobile devices in our post aboutResponsive Web Design and the technologies it uses.

So - is this the end for animated navigation bars?Well - NO!

EnterjQuery and CSS! You can now createanimated jQuery navigation barsthat will display just fine on iOS. In some cases the full animated functionality might not work on mobile devices, but its still better than Flash which won't display at all!

In this post we’ve collected together a range of tutorials that showhow to create animated jQuery navigation bars(with our thoughts on each one!)

userAaron Charlie

date20 Apr 2011

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