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How to choose the best Social Bookmarking sites

Choosing the best Social Bookmarking sites

It can be tricky deciding how to choose your Social Bookmarking websites, and hard to know which are the best ones. You may wonder whether your subject matter is appropriate, what sort of audience they attract, or whether your bookmark will leave a dofollow link.

But confusion aside, social bookmarking sites are a key part of the Social Media and SEO mix - once you've decided which ones to use, bookmarking is an incredible way of increasing exposure and traffic. It's also important to add some bookmarking widgets to your blog, to encourage others to recommend it - see our hands-on Training for Social MediaTraining for SEO, and Training for Blogging courses to learn more about this.

Read on for our list of the best Social Bookmarking sites and tips for how to use them.

userAaron Charlie

date20 Apr 2010

Train The Trainer: Teaching Quotes

There is an art to being a great trainer or teacher; something our Train the Trainer facilitators know very well!  

If you look at the quotes below by some of the world's most respected scholars you can begin to understand what makes a great teacher or trainer so special. Note the reoccuring themes: 

  • People learn by doing
  • Great teachers can empathise with their audience
  • It's not what you teach but how you teach it
  • You cannot make people learn, you must help them discover
  • Learners should be encouraged to feel emotion (you can make them laugh, surprise them, pull them in with a story)
  • The teacher and learner is a two way relationship; engagement is key

So let's take a look at what some of the greatest ever minds have to say about teaching.

userHeather Buckley

date25 Oct 2013

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