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Marketing Your eBook with Social Media

After coming on our InDesign eBook course you'll be able to create and publish your eBook; but what's the next step? Ideally you want people to read it, which means that it's time to begin the marketing process.

As much as you'd like to think you'll have people queuing at the virtual door to download your book, the likelihood is no one will know about it unless you tell them about it.

So how would you even begin to go about marketing an eBook? Let's assume you have a decent site and blog (if not you ought to come on our 1-day Blogging and Content Marketing course to find out why it's essential!) as a base from which to 'flaunt your wares'.

A good start, especially for a product like this, is to embrace social media. Used alongside content marketing and email marketing, social media marketing can be an effective tool to market an eBook.

userAaron Charlie

date27 Feb 2013

How to Connect Content to Google+ Accounts for Authorship

UPDATE JULY 2014: Google has now withrawn authorship photos from SERPs. We still recommend implementing authorship as results will still have a byline and your content will rank better for your Google+ connections.

Google have just announced that they are going to start showing author information in search results. This is great for author awareness and can help Google raise the rankings of pages written by authority figures. It is also great for SEO's who are worried that al the great content they are writing is getting ripped off or assigned to the wrong author!

Even better, Google are replacing 'rel=author' and 'rel=me' tags and are instead automatically linking your Google+ profile to content you have written. All you have to do now is add the URLs of the sites you write for to your Google+ profile, and then when scanning those sites, Google will attribute any posts with your author name to you. Then when those posts appear in search results they will come with a 'Written by' box including a link to your G+ page. It should end up looking like this:

seo training

So why the need for this new change when Google first announced author tags last year?

userAaron Charlie

date13 Jan 2012

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