The Best Online Project Management Communities

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The Best Online Project Management Communities

There are plenty of blog and Twitter lists around, but for the first time here is the most complete list of Project Management communities on the web.

If you're new to project management then this is a great way to learn from others in the field and pick up some helpful advice; of course the best way to get started it with our Project Management for Beginners Course!

These resources aren't just for beginners- many of the communities include very experienced project managers who are there to help others and work on the more complicated areas of the discipline. PRINCE2 Practitioners are common in the groups which make them the perfect location to get advice passing your exam.

Without further ado here's the list, which includes all the best places that project managers connect and hang out online.

Project Management on Twitter

Firstly, one of the best communities out there is the #pmot hashtag - standing for Project Managers on Twitter. This is a great hashtag to follow and use to connect with other project managers. I also recommend #pm and #projectmanagement.

As well as following pm hashtags there are a great bunch on project managers on Twitter sharing their knowledge for free. We've created a Twitter list that you can follow that includes all the accounts mentioned below.

Project Managers

Google+ Communities for Project Managers

Google+ introduced Communities last year and Project Managers were quick to make use of this multi-faceted feature.

Silicon Beach actually moderate one of the biggest Project Management Communities on Google+, 'Project Management Masters', the perfect forum for discussing tips, problems and general thoughts related to the industry:

LinkedIn Groups for Project Managers

Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn is a well-worn hub of Project Managers.

LinkedIn groups tend to be the best places to swap tips, ideas and issues with fellow PMs. We've compiled a list of those we've found to be most useful and active:

Project Management Blogs

One of the best ways to learn about project management, or figure out a particular problem, is to read what the experts have to say. 

There are plenty of experienced project managers dedicated to sharing their knowledge. Here are our favourites:

A Girl's Guide to Project Management

Elizabeth Harrin is very well known in the pm world and has been writing A Girl's Guide to Project Management since 2006, winning awards along the way and publishing a series of books.

Why I like Elizabeth's blog so much is that it's written from a very personal view and so you get a more subjective understanding of the day to day life of a project manager - it's far more interesting that way!

How to Manage a Camel

Arras People's How to Manager a Camel is good to keep an eye because it features a varied mix of writers - this leads to sometimes conflicting views and some good interaction.

As well as catering for all levels and experiences, the Camel Blog includes some of the best information on new books and conferences so it's good for keeping tabs on the industry.

Guerilla Project Management

Samad Aidane has an engaging writing style that keeps you reading. Short and to the point, without getting too technical, it's a good blog for project managers of any level.

Also interesting is that Samad draws on psychology, social science and neuroscience to bring a new dimension to managing projects.

Herding Cats

What a great name for a blog! Glen Alleman's Herding Cats is one of the most regularly updated on this list and explains project management concepts in a lot of detail.

It also often comes at topics from different angles which really helps to build a broader picture of what Project Management can and does involve.

Eight to Late

Blogs are always that much better with a bit of humour, something which Eight to Late has done well in the latest post - a service desk satire.

Each post has a similar tone and gives a personal perspective of the challenges faced by Project Managers

Better Projects

Better Projects is a great blog for gaining some first-hand insight into the 'day-to-day' of a Project Manager as well as some top nuggets of information that can be useful for both beginners and experts, with a recent highlight being the post "What does Project Management mean to me?" as part of the PM Flash Blog concept.

The Tao of Project Management

A philosophical and innovative approach to Project Management life. Some real gems that provide a fresh perspective to the discipline and done very cleverly.

Journal of a Project Manager

As you'd expect from a blog with this name, this is a very personal account of life as a Project Manager but comes with the added bonus of some great tips and insight.

Great for all levels of experience.

Ron Rosenhead

Ron's expertise and knowledge shines through in this first-rate blog. Covering things from a 'bigger-picture' perspective but with some great personal anecdotes (like this overheard phone conversation), this is a blog you'll come back to again and again.

A combination of book and software reviews, and tips and tricks, is perfect for the Project Manager who's beginning to find his/her footing and is looking to develop their skills and knowledge.


Some interesting thoughts on all aspects of Project Management with a very holistic approach.

Check out "The Sun Rises in the East... Or At Least It Did Yesterday" for a perfect example of the style of this blog.

Sensible Project Manager

Sensible doesn't have to mean boring; especially not in the case of the Sensible Project Manager Blog.

With videos, podcasts and traditional written blogs, this is multi-media haven for Project Managers of all levels.

The Lazy Project Manager

A very alternative perspective on the trials and tribulations of life in Project Management. The recent views on sponsorship are a must-read for Project Managers of any level.

Our Project Management Blog Posts

We have a category on our blog for posts like these - it's a great range of tips, tutorials and free resources to compliment your project management training.

So there you it; have a huge list of people and groups to follow! If you are new to Project Management, take a look at these top 10 Introductory Videos to the discipline.

Are you a manager of a community we've missed? Tell us in the comments below and we'll add it!

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