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The 10 Best Introduction to Project Management Videos

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Written by Andy Trainer – Mon 03 Jun 2013

Starting out in the world of Project Management can be a daunting experience for anyone. With so many terms, methods and variations to deal with, getting to grips with everything can be a real struggle.

For those new to Project Management, our Introduction to Project Management Training and our PRINCE2 Courses are a great place to start but there are also plenty of online resources available to help make things easier for you.


YouTube is one of those resources. There's something about videos which help to clarify and simplify complex ideas but wading through YouTube to find the best guides to Project Management isn't exactly the most interesting of tasks.

Luckily, we've done it so you don't have to and so here are our top ten Project Management videos aimed at those just starting out. We've everything from the very basics through to introducing the various methodologies and a fun one at the end.


'What is Project Management?'

We might as well start right at the beginning and so this video guides you through all the basics, helping to clarify exactly what is involved in the role.

What is Project Management?

Very useful for those who have no prior experience with Project Management, but worth a watch even if you do, just to revise and evaluate what you think you know.

'Project Management in 8 Minutes'

A slightly more detailed overview of Project Management here from Chris Croft. Gives a good introduction to Gantt Charts and other key aspects of various project methods.



Project Management in 8 Minutes

There's also another video by Chris which he calls an updated version, that has a more visual focus on Gantt charts.

'The Essential Skills Series - Project Management'

Coming from the perspective of a graduate careers site, this video highlights some of the important skills that are necessary for Project Managers as well as giving some insight into the rewards and challenges of working in the industry.

The Essential Skills Series - Project Management

Quite a basic video but useful if you're still struggling to decide whether or not Project Management is for you.

'The Role of the Project Manager'

This video goes into much more detail about the specific day-to-day functions performed by a Project Manager.

The Role of the Project Manager

This video is definitely for those with some awareness of Project Management already, perhaps even for those who have just recently started in the role.

'What Makes a Good Project Manager?'

This video pretty much does what it says on the tin; it outlines the necessary skills and traits of a good Project Manager, in simple, easy to understand language and with an element of humour and fun.

What Makes a Good Project Manager?

Ian Bell is very experienced in the industry and so certainly knows what he's talking about.

'PRINCE2 Introduction in 90 Seconds'

An homage to the classic Bob Dylan video, this introduction to PRINCE2 is as good a way as any to get your first taste of the popular Project Management methodology.

PRINCE2 in 90 Seconds

Being as it's only 90 seconds long, it doesn't go into much detail, but acts as a useful first look at the various aspects of PRINCE2.

'PRINCE2 Made Simple'

Another simple guide to PRINCE2 here, although this goes into more detail than the last. Using some basic analogies, this video is able to explain the general purpose and enacting of PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 Made Simple

Be warned though, as someone mentions in the comments this video is somewhat out of date as the 8 components our now 7 themes. Despite this it's still worth a watch to get an initial idea of what's involved in PRINCE2, although for a comprehensive understanding, you can't beast our PRINCE2 Practitioner Course.

'Agile: An Introduction'

Agile is a slimmed-down, streamlined methodology initially used by software developers to manage projects that have different goals or outcomes to more traditional projects. Read this post for a general introduction to the basic principles.

Agile: An Introduction

This video provides a fantastic overview using the analogy of a toyshop to fully explain the principles behind Agile. Great if you're still unsure about which methodology is right for you.

'Scrum Basics'

Scrum is used for ongoing or multi-dimensional projects that may not have clearly defined start and end dates. This video explains the various uses for Scrum and has a go at clarifying some of the terminology and jargon.

Scrum Basics

It's also one of the more surreal videos you watch today, and you struggle to decide whether it's satire or genuine. I'm still not sure...

'Sh*t Project Managers Say'

And finally, a bit of fun and a light-hearted look at the sorts of things you'll hear yourself and other Project Managers saying all the time (key takeaway: you'll be saying 'No' a lot!)

Sh*t Project Managers Say

Well worth a watch.

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