The Future of Project Management

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The Future of Project Management

New technology develops at an alarming rate. Business gets more competitive by the day; demands for speed and quality require new thinking and revised processes. Here we list some current trends and challenges for project managers.

Today’s project managers need to update their processes in line with business, customer and stakeholder expectations. Collaboration is a common theme.

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Adoption of Collaborative Software Solutions

The use of collaborative technologies is on the rise. The use of Google DocsandSharePoint is becoming more commonplace. Virtual workers and projects require efficient ways of communication and collaboration.

Automatic and central distribution and control of documents has never been easier.

Agile Project Management

As projects become increasingly complex, project managers need to be increasingly flexible. Businesses and organisations are beginning to adopt Agile Project Management practices and combining them with traditional project management. Many are using Agile to inform and develop a new set of strategies for coping with projects, adapting methods for team collaboration and communication.

Agile Project Management Training enables you to gain Agile Practitioner Certification, enabling you to successfully manage Agile projects.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Particularly in the current economic climate businesses need to fine tune their business processes as efficiently as possible. Many new projects will be judged on the impact they have on an organisation’s business processes. The focus is on reducing costs. Business Process Management is becoming increasingly important for successful management.

When a company states that their business processes are working okay then they are not moving forward; businesses should always be looking for ways to improve the way they work. Our Business Process Management Course gives delegates the necessary skills to analyse and redesign business processes.

Demand for Good Project Managers is Increasing Despite Unemployment Figures

As the skill set required by the project management sector is in constant flux, practitioners with the right skills will be in greater demand. Project managers who have risk management, agile and programme management knowledge will be in short supply.

The graph below shows that the demand for Agile Project Management as a skill has grown dramatically in the past few years:

Focus on Value to Organisation

Whilst time, cost and scope are the traditional metrics upon which project success has been measured, the new focus is on value. The success of a project is increasingly measured evaluating outcomes that affect customers rather than the providers. Project success is not just determined by cost and time, projects that exceed both can still be successful.

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