Apple Mac Keyboard # Hashtag - Where Is It?

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Apple Mac Keyboard # Hashtag - Where Is It?

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It's really annoying that many Apple keyboards don't have a hashtag, especially when you tweet a lot! If like me you are tired of Googling it every time you need to find it, or cutting and pasting an existing hashtag, I suggest sticking a post-it note on your Mac or printing our handy graphic.

Where is the Hashtag on my Apple Mac keyboard?

# = Alt + 3
€ = Alt + 2
© = Alt + G
• = Alt + 8

WAIT! Don't go away I've written a really simple and short tutorial on turning on your Special Character Viewer on Mac so even when you forget your keyboard shortcuts you can still find those elusive symbols easily. Also it's the only simple way of typing a % on a Mac.

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