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BrightonSEO 2012 Round Up - 20x20 Presentations

Written by Aaron Charlie – Sun 15 Apr 2012

The popular 20x20 presentations from last year were back and went down a storm. These talks were short 6 minute talks where the presenter had 20 slides that each changed automatically after 20 seconds.

For a round up of the longer talks from Brighton SEO 2012 read our comprehensive morning session and afternoon session write ups. We've also put together a more in depth write up of the 'Ask the Engines' discussion panel and James Carson's Authorship 20x20.

Nichola Stott Dom Hodgson - Brighton SEO 2012

Nichola Stott and Dom Hodgson Prepare for their 20x20 Talk at BrightonSEO 2012

The 20x20 talks were definitely tough work for some but they all had some useful points. Here are our top 5 from each. These are very consolidated points so where possible we've included links to the speaker's Twitter, slides and write up.

One of our favourite moments at BrightonSEO was speaking to somebody who came on an SEO training course in 2001. For many people our courses are their first step towards a new career path or a role change but we also provide training for businesses who want all their staff working with the same knowledge. Our Social MediaContent Marketing and Google Analytics training are all popular with SEO at the moment as the overall internet marketing strategy evolves into one.

Chelsea Blacker, SEOptimise – Sell the Sizzle, Not the Search

  • Secretaries should be your best friend
  • Don’t ask questions with yes or no answers, ask open questions
  • Be positive – don’t reflect negatively on things
  • Work out the revenue from ranks and compare to PPC – prove that SEO is cost efficient
  • Always listen so that you can provide the solution to problems

Twitter | Slides | Write Up

Tony King, – Enterprise SEO Titties (Tools, Tips and Techniques)

  • You need objectives and you need a plan
  • Be flexible and creative – tinker with new tools and ideas
  • Know your site like the back of your hand – understand its purpose, run a full crawl, understand server performance and link structure etc.
  • Make your site link-worthy
  • Build and maintain a good team with experience – train them!

Twitter | Slides

Tim Ireland, Jellyfish – SEO & PPC Working Together in Harmony

  • The threshold of influence on the web is much smaller than in print media
  • PPC has no capacity to accumulate relevance
  • You should not expect 100% engagement or anything close to it
  • Capitalise on emotional highs
  • PPC is quicker to respond to opportunities, SEO is better for more predictable circumstances


James Carson, Bauer Media – I Believed Authors are the Future

Read a full write up of this talk and our opinion on it in our post 'Author Rank: More Important than Panda?'

  • SERPs are anonymous – only SEOs know where rankings come from. Author profiles change this and give authority to user generated content.
  • Use the rel=author tags to connect your content with your Google+ profile – then your image will start appearing in SERPs.
  • Author rank will be big in the future as Google builds a picture of who you are and what you write about, this should impact how content written by real people ranks against bad content.
  • Journalism is alive again. Fake profiles are dead.
  • Author rank is evolution not revolution and could take up to 18 months, but could be a bigger change than all Panda updates combined… WOW.

Twitter | Slides | Write Up

Nichola Stott, the MediaFlow – Mobile Serendipity: How Google Plans to Send Search Results to Users, Before You’ve Even Thought to Look

  • Google collect everything you search for an everything you do
  • Google Instant is an early version of AI – behavioural feedback on the fly
  • Google is getting more intelligent – they know what we search for and what our friends are searching for
  • Location is the final data point – predicating location and providing location based results
  • What does this mean for SEO? We are already preparing for it – concentrating on social and marking up sites with Schema.

Twitter | Slides | Write Up

Dom Hodgson, EmberAds – I Appear to Have Started a Sweetshop (and Advertising Company)

To end the day, Dom Hodgson ran through his first year in business with his online Sweetshop. While not all that useful it was a fun way to end the day and came with some great sound bites such as ‘If you have a squirrel on your site make sure it winks.’

Dom certainly knows how entertain the crowd and I guess this is what allowed him to use his time to get 20 people on stage (including 2 of us from Silicon Beach Training) to officially launch his new business Ember Ads, which aims to change the way businesses advertise online.

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