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Lead On | Leadership vs Management | Silicon Beach Training

Written by John A G Smith – Fri 23 Sep 2016

Congratulations! You got the promotion, but do you want to be a good leader or a good manager? Leadership skills and Management Skills for New Managers are 2 of our most popular business courses designed to help you on your way.

But what is the difference between a Leader and a Manager? I hear you ask..... using social history our expert John A G Smith explains.......

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Management - a learned skill?

Written by John A G Smith – Fri 24 Jun 2016

Congratulations you got the promotion, you are now a manager but what does this mean?

Everyone has the intention of being good at their job and with the correct training and support every manager old or new can be a great manager!

Image courtesey of Wikipedia 

Join one of our Management Skills for New Managers and gain the skills to take you forward in your career.

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Managing your First Team

Written by Andy Trainer – Fri 14 Dec 2012

You did it! You got that promotion or new job that means you'll be leading a team. It's an achievement in itself, but here's where the really hard-work begins!

If you're new to management, taking charge (and responsibility) of a group of people can be a daunting task, but fear not; help is on hand. We've compiled this handy guide to give you some ideas as to how to go about approaching your new role. Of course, you can always try our Management Skills for New Managers Training which teaches you everything you need to become a confident and successful manager.

1/ Prepare

We all know the classic adage "failing to prepare is preparing to fail" but in this circumstance it most certainly holds true. As you are a new manager, it's unlikely that you've done much research into it before now. Well, now is the time!

You've made a good start by reading this post, but there are literally hundreds of resourcesavailable to you on the subject (that go into much more detail on specific areas within management) so make use of them. In terms of research prior to starting the job, this is what you should be looking at:

  • Management definitions - know exactly how your new job will differ to your old one in terms of roles and responsibility.
  • Management styles - be aware of the different management styles that can be adopted and begin thinking about the style most suited to you.
  • Techniques - everything from how to go about hiring and firing to how to talk to staff, it will all help in the long-run.

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5 Management Lessons From History's Greatest Leaders

Written by Andy Trainer – Wed 14 Nov 2012

Throughout history there are certain figures who stand out as naturally great leaders. It is always useful for managers to focus on the qualities that made these people great and try to emulate them.

You can learn how to develop these qualities and much more on our leadership and management courses.

We recently gave some tips for managing a start-up but in this post we will focus on the more general skills that can apply to anyone in a leadership position, whether your business is just getting off the ground or you're an established manager with years of experience. And we'll be having some fun with it too... hopefully.

John F. Kennedy - Aspire to Greatness

JFK was perhaps the most youthful, vivacious and daring president there has ever been (and we're not just talking about his extra-marital exploits here).  While this sometimes got him into trouble (*nearly caused the apocalypse) he will be remembered as the man who dreamed of putting a man on the moon, reversing the centuries-old persecution of African-Americans and bedding Marilyn Monroe!

Dare to dream like JFK. Aim for the stars and still land on the moon, aim for Mila Kunis and still land on...actually, I think we'll leave that analogy there. Aspiring towards greatness instills a confidence in your employees in both you, and themselves. Be like JFK. Be remembered. Be great.


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Management the Steve Jobs way - Learning from Steve Jobs' Management Style

Written by Craig Charley – Mon 17 Oct 2011

Steve Jobs' recent death has brought up a huge amount of discussion. His innovation for great products and financial success at Apple has deemed him a genius - giving him a Godlike status. It is without question that from 1997 onward, Jobs saved Apple from failure and has revolutionised the computing industry while making a lot of money in the process.

However, he did this with a very unorthodox management style. In fact he flew in the face of the management technique of other Silicon Valley companies.


While Google and Microsoft promote openness and strive to make their employees happy, Apple is incredibly secretive and most employees lived in fear of Jobs: but it worked. So how did Steve Jobs achieve such success while ignoring all traditional notions of business management?

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