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Time Management learn to Work Smarter

Written by John A G Smith – Fri 01 Jul 2016

“If I want the job done properly then I have to do it myself.”

How often have you heard that one … probably said by a manager, frustrated by the lack of expertise of some staff member?  

Image courtesey of Wikimedia Commons

Why, you may wonder, has the worker not got the expertise?  Why must the harassed manager carry so much of the burden?

Several years ago I was working for a major international financial organisation when they offered a Time Management course for senior executives.  All agreed the course would probably be useful.  But attendance was optional and when the day arrived only four, of over forty, of these senior people turned up.  The reason?  Go on, you know already, don’t you?  Yes, they couldn’t spare the time to attend!

Why are staff at all levels – from the most junior to the most senior – so ‘time poor’ in today’s business environment?   

Where, it appears, too many people seem to be taking on an inordinate workload … and not handling it well.  Could it be that, to use a common modern phrase, rather than working harder they need to work smarter?

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Am I Delegating Enough?

Written by  Andy Trainer – Tue 29 Jul 2014

Delegating is one of the most challenging skills for new managers.

Too many new (and experienced!) managers struggle to give up work and find themselves stressed and overworked.

Is this you?

Effective delegation is essential for effective management.

In this post I'm going to run through some classic signs of poor delegation and help you overcome them.

If you're struggling with your new management role or want to upskill before making the leap, come on our Management Skills for New Managers course which includes a session on delegation.

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Management Awareness

Written by Andy Trainer – Tue 10 Sep 2013

Managers who know themselves well and who are aware of their emotions are in a better position to understand and empathise when managing others. This is something emphasised on many of our Management Training Courses.

So an important step to being an effective manager is self-awareness. This means, amongst other things, knowing:

  • Your strengths
  • Your areas for development
  • Your positive and negative qualities
  • Your prejudices
  • Your feelings
  • What effect you have on others

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What Makes a Great Induction Process?

Written by Bethan Adelekan – Tue 27 Aug 2013

A good induction can increase staff retention, reduce the time needed for a new staff member to settle into the workplace and generally make for a happier work force.

Common complaints about induction processes include being bored, being overwhelmed by too much information or inductees just being left to their own devices.

Below I have put together my tips for what makes a good induction process.

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Time Management for Managers: The 3 Ps

Written by  Andy Trainer – Wed 24 Jul 2013

Using specific strategies to keep on top of how you use your time is as essential for managers as it is for anyone else.

In fact, you’ll probably have even more to factor into your time ‘budget’ because in many ways you’ll be responsible for the day-to-day activities of your employees/team as well as your own.

This is something we emphasise on our Management Training here at Silicon Beach and it's also a key aspect of Project Management, as explained on our PRINCE2 Training.

In this post are a few quick fix ideas that make day-to-day time management more organised and effective.

The Three Ps


Get these three under control and you are well on your way to being organised (and saving time).

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