Directing a Project (DP) PROCESS

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Directing a Project (DP) PROCESS

PRINCE2® PROCESSES – Directing a Project (DP)

The purpose of the Directing a Project process is to enable the Project Board to be accountable for the project’s success by making key decisions and exercising overall control while delegating day-to-day management of the project to the Project Manager.

The objective of the Directing a Project process is to ensure that:

  • There is authority to initiate the project
  • There is authority to deliver the project’s products
  • Management direction and control are provided throughout the project’s life, and that the project remains viable
  • Corporate or programme management has an interface to the project
  • There is authority to close the project
  • Plans for realising the post-project benefits are managed and reviewed.

The Directing a Project process starts on completion of the Starting up a Project process and is triggered by the request to initiate a project.

The PRINCE2 processes are covered in detail on our PRINCE2 Foundation course and PRINCE2 Practitioner training courses.

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