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MSP Exam Tips - Free Download

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Written by Andy Trainer – Fri 20 Jul 2012

By popular demand, we present our downloadable MSP® Practitioner Exam Tips PDF. We created this to help prepare those coming on our MSP Practitioner course for the exam, and have since been overwhelmed by how valuable it has proven to be!

The MSP Practitioner Exam is taken on the final day of our MSP Practitioner training course. We are very proud of our pass rates - so proud in fact that we offer a MSP exam pass guarantee!

We feel that one of the reasons our training has such good results - both in terms of exam pass rates and feedback from delegates after returning to work - is that we provide extensive support before the course begins and once it's under way. This download is just one way we put together workbooks and resources above and beyond the MSP manual.

Of course, knowledge of MSP theory is needed to pass the practitioner exam, and the course covers this in depth. Our trainers also provide real life case studies to help put the theory into context and to make your training easy to apply once you return to work. Finally, we provide focused exam tips to help you understand what will be expected of you during the exam.

Free MSP Exam Tips Download

This download includes details about:

  • The MSP manual - how and when to annotate it in preparation for the exam
  • The exam syllabus - the different areas that may be covered by exam questions
  • The booklets - during the MSP exam you get given 3 booklets, we'll give you the heads up on what these are and how to use them
  • Types of exam questions - multiple choice, multiple response, matching questions and assertion/reasons
  • Guidance on how to use your time wisely during the exam

General Exam Tips

Exams can be surprisingly intimidating for adults who have not taken a course or an exam for a while, even when you know the material inside-out.

Here are some general exam tips to give you the best chance of success:

  • Be prepared... Review your notes the night before, read through the MSP exam tips, and make sure you are comfortable with the format and timings of the exam.
  • ... but don't cram. Studies show that last-minute cramming on the morning of the exam has no - or even a negative - impact on performance.
  • Eat a good breakfast. Even if nerves suppress your appetite, make sure you eat breakfast. Low blood sugar makes concentration harder, and you don't want that effort wasted for the sake of a couple of pieces of toast.
  • Have a cup of coffee or tea. If you're used to having caffeine in the morning, make sure you get your fix - leave time for this.
  • Speaking of which, be on time. Get an earlier bus or train if needs be, but allow a tolerance for time. The last thing you want is to have to arrive flustered, just before the exam begins, with no time to collect your thoughts.
  • Get to know the others on the course. The best source of support is from others in the same boat. Try and form bonds with the other people on your course during the week, so you can share your thoughts before and after the exam (but not during...that's frowned upon!).

Good luck!

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