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Lean Six Sigma Specialists in High Demand

Written by Andy Trainer – Tue 03 Sep 2013

we-want-youMore and more employers are beginning to recognise the importance of having Lean Six Sigma professionals within their organisation, so there's never been a better time to come on one of our Six Sigma Courses.

According to the Globe and Mail in Canada, there's been an increase in demand for Lean Six Sigma Practitioners across all sectors and this is a pattern that's mirrored in the UK.

We've gone in to detail before about how far Lean Six Sigma has come from its original use in manufacturing; being used in everything from forensics labs to tennis.

So let's take a look at why Lean Six Sigma is currently in such high demand and in what industries in particular.

Six Sigma in Finance

One of the biggest boom industries in terms of Six Sigma uptake is the financial sector. Arguably this has much to do with an industry very much at the forefront of the recession needing to find ways to tighten the belt.

According to Sun Life Finance's Senior Recruiting Consultant, the reason for seeking Lean Six Sigma professionals is that "Every business is looking to improve itself and, quite frankly, that’s what we’re trying to do."

The finance industry more than most is looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency, and this is where Lean Six Sigma comes in.


In fact, of UK job vacancies that mention Six Sigma from the last 6 months, over 18% are in the financial sector. If you factor in banking and investment banking into this, it comes to nearly 30%.

This shows that finance is a huge growth industry for Lean Six Sigma professionals.

Six Sigma in HR and Recruitment

It might seem strange to think of Lean Six Sigma as applicable to an industry that is predominantly concerned with people but in fact, recruitment is all about the process of hiring new staff.

Minimising flaws in this process can make a huge difference to the efficiency and financial salience of a company, as after all, staff will be one of the biggest financial outgoings for a company.

Lean Six Sigma has been used to great effect in various recruitment projects and employers are beginning to recognise the value of a Lean Six Sigma professional as a recruitment or hiring manager, and equally agencies value this skill set more and more.

Six Sigma Salaries

With an increase in demand comes an increase in value and so it's no surprise to see the average salary of Lean Six Sigma professionals on the increase.

This year's average salary is an impressive £62,500 up from £55,000 last year, with 10% of vacant roles offering over £80,000.


When you consider that the average UK salary is around £27,000, a Lean Six Sigma qualification could be a smart investment.

What are you waiting for? Get your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt qualification today.

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