InDesign Paragraph Styles Tutorial

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InDesign Paragraph Styles Tutorial

Download our Free InDesign Paragraph Style Sheets eBook

With our InDesign Paragraph Styles eBook you'll learn how create and load paragraph styles and set up simultaneous paragraph styling throughout your document. 

Formatting text in InDesign is easy but can be a repetitive task if you're working on large documents or want to use the same formatting throughout multiple documents - for branding etc.

Formatting large documents manually can easily lead to mistakes - inconsisent paragraphs, titles and bullets that don't match up. With InDesign Paragraph Styles you make sure that your documents and branding are consistent and save time individually updating chunks of text.

We've combined our blog series on InDesign Paragraph Styles into a free downloadable InDesign eBook to keep and refer to when learning InDesign.

Coming on our InDesign course will teach you lots of ways like this to save time and improve accuracy. Even if you're a self-taught user of InDesign, coming and learning from a trainer in person means you can be much more efficient - and creative - later on. Many thanks to our trainer Sharon for her efforts putting this tutorial together.

Our InDesign courses also include InDesign ePub training and InDesign Interactive PDFs training.

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