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10 Essential Cheat Sheets for Web Developers

Written by Aaron Charlie – Wed 28 Aug 2013

As a professional web developer or hobbyist designer, there are always ways to make the coding work you do faster and more efficient. With that in mind, we've put together a list of the 10 most useful cheat sheets a developer can rely on - everything from HTML5 to MySQL.

Of course , if you're struggling with the basics, you could always come on our HTML5 & CSS3 Course to kick-start your developing career.

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Adobe Edge: The Future of HTML5 Web Animation?

Written by Aaron Charlie – Tue 09 Aug 2011


For a long time the industry standard tool for generating animated and interactive web content has been Flash.

The vast majority of animated content on the web including banners, intro sequences, ads, cartoons and even some navigation elements have traditionally been developed in Flash.

However - things have started to change over the past couple of years.

1) Apple rained on Adobe's parade by refusing to support Flash on iPhones and iPads - rendering any Flash content invisible to users of these devices (when over half a billion people are using mobile devices to browse the web - that's a big deal!)

2) The latest web standards including HTML5 & CSS3 and JavaScript libraries like jQuery are enabling developers to produce animated content that is more accessible and has faster load times than Flash

3) More and more browsers are now supporting HTML5 and CSS3

So if you can develop animated content that contains the same functionality as Flash, but will load faster and display properly on ALL browsers - what is the future for Flash...?

Enter Adobe Edge!

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8 Reasons we Love jQuery

Written by Aaron Charlie – Mon 11 Jul 2011


jQuery is the post popular JavaScript library on the web.

Since we launched our jQuery training course earlier this year, we've seen a huge amount of demand for places.

Why is there so much interest in a JavaScript library though?!

We have a bit of a nerdy love of jQuery - here's 8 reasons why we love it so much - and why you should too!

You might also want to check out our list of FREE CSS & jQuery tutorials

8 Reasons to Love jQuery...

1) Cross-browser Compatibility

jQuery works in every browser that matters. From IE6 to Chrome 9. From Mobile Safari to Blackberry Tablet OS. You don’t need to worry about the incompatibilities.

2) CSS3 Selectors

jQuery lets you navigate the DOM using a syntax specifically designed for the job - CSS! If you want to find all the paragraphs on the page: $(‘p’). If you need all the hyperlinks with a class of rollover: $(‘a.rollover’). For anyone who’s ever needed to use the DOM API this will be GOOD NEWS!



3) It’s JavaScript


JavaScript is ubiquitous. It’s the most widely available language in the world by an order of magnitude. It also happens to be rather good, in a strange sort of way.

JQuery is written in JavaScript, so it can do everything JavaScript can do. You can talk to the whole page, not just a little rectangle as with Flash or Silverlight. It’s free, it’s standards compliant, it’s open, it’s stable, and it’s not going away for a long time.

It’s the power of Flash, without Flash!

4) It’s Popular

Like the nice kid at school, with great dress sense and superior social skills, jQuery is popular. It’s very good at what it does. It’s nice to talk to. People enjoy its company, and if you really take the time to get to know it, it doesn’t disappoint. It’s used by hundreds of websites all over the world. jQuery is IN DEMAND, and if you learn it well, you will be IN DEMAND too.

5) Plugins

jQuery doesn’t just stick to the basics, it learns new tricks at the drop of a hat. There are thousands of plugins available, and if you can’t find one that fits the bill, it’s easy to write one.

6) jQuery UI

jQuery UI is a library of free to use widgets that you can integrate into your website. There are dozens of highly configurable, beautiful widgets to choose from. Sliders, Accordions, Draggable Elements and Date Pickers, Progress Bars and Animations.

7) It’s very, very well thought through

A very large number of extremely clever people have donated countless precious hours of their lives to making it the best it can be.

8) It has a sense of humour

It doesn’t matter how bright you are, how brilliant, how clever, you won’t get ahead without the ability to laugh at yourself. From jQuery.fn (pronounced ‘effin), to the ongoing unicorns vs narwhales debate, the jQuery community is a little bit sparky and a little bit precious.

Give us a call on 01273 622272 if you want to find out more about our jQuery courses.

You should know JavaScript before attempting to learn jQuery - so check out our 2-day JavaScript course too!

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