Top 10 IMDb Movies: Minimalist Posters

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Top 10 IMDb Movies: Minimalist Posters

Top 10 IMDb Movies: Minimalist Posters

Minimalist movie posters have almost become an art form in themselves as a way for fans of the films to show their appreciation creatively. The best designs summarise everything you know about the movie while remaining simple and stylish.

With that in mind, we thought we'd take a look at some of the best minimalist posters of some of the best movies of all time, as judged on IMDb. (Attribution has been given where possible.)

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So let's start with number 10...

10/ Fight Club by Pedro Vidotto

Movie posters don't get much more minimalist than this - a grey background, a bar of soap and exactly 6 words. This might be IMDb's 10th best movie but the poster would be challenging for top spot in this list!

9/Lord of the rings : Return of the key of Commonista

The stark contrast between red and black is what makes this poster stand out but the clever visual trickery is also impressive. Simple yet encompassing and effective.

8/ Schindler's List by Abhinav Bhatt

This re-imagining of Spielberg's holocaust epic manages to hit the nail on the head - drab colours, a swastika and the stand out purple 'dot' provides a perfect visual metaphor for the horror depicted in the film.

7/ The Dark Knight by Doaly

A very clever and teasing poster with the simple yellow pencil and striking font on the dark background.; sums up the minimalist mantra perfectly.

6/ 12 Angry Men

Perhaps the least well-known film on this list (although arguably one of the best) this design for 12 Angry Men is just magnificent. The image summarises the entire premise of the movie with a geometric metaphor (not something I've said often!) and uses the bold red, and black and white for extra emphasis.

5/ The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Chungkong

Anyone that's seen the movie will know that Pulp Fiction is far from simple, but this design certainly is. Sticking with the 'brand' colours of red, yellow and black and silhouettes of arguably the most iconic characters in film, all I can say is 'mmm... that is one tasty poster!'

3/ The Godfather II

An interesting design and one more on the classically artistic side of things, this poster for the second film in one of the most successful and highly rated movie franchises of all time picks a classic scene and runs with it. Drab colours only enhance the impact.

2/ The Godfather by Austin Soren

When you could take away the title and still instantly recognise the movie, you know you're onto a winning design and winning cultural icon. There are hundreds of minimalist designs for The Godfather (perhaps because the original poster was itself a master-class in simplistic design) but this particular incarnation stands out. The angular and jolting background image provides the perfect foil to the soft font of the title.

1/ The Shawshank Redemption by Tracie Andrews

The lack of colour in this poster for what has been collectively voted the greatest movie of all time does nothing to detract from its power. Title, image, quote, done. Simplicity at its best.

These are just some of the amazing posters that can be found online - it really is a burgeoning area of creative design. You can join this movement by coming on one of our Adobe courses.

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