Our Top 10 Christmas & New Year Plugins for Your Wordpress Website

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Our Top 10 Christmas & New Year Plugins for Your Wordpress Website

It’s Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year time once again, and most businesses in town have filled their window displays with festive cheer. You don’t have to miss out just because your business is online. With these 10 Christmas and New Year WordPress plugins, you can make sure your blog looks the part this Holiday season.

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#1 Christmas Countdown Plugin

The kids will love this Santa Claus Christmas Coundown widget! Simply add the countdown widget to your site and Santa’s beard will countdown the days until Christmas. You can use a widget or a shortcode to display the countdown anywhere on your site including your sidebar.

Now we’ve got you in the holiday mood we thought we’d mention Google’s Santa Tracker. Use Google Santa Tracker to follow Santa Claus on Google Maps as he makes his journey around the world.

#2 Christmas Music Plugin

This Christmas Music plugin adds Christmas music to your site. Activate it for whole site or just individual posts/pages and it will play Jingle Bells music on all pages. Annoying? Yes it could definitely result in getting a few mince pies thrown at you in a busy office so make sure you know where the pause/play button is (see the right bottom corner) .

Christmas Music Plugin

DEMO SITE HERE: http://goo.gl/m75TWY

#3 Advent Calendar Plugin

This is a fab little plugin that is ideal for engaging web users and bringing them back to your site every day in the run up to Christmas. It is perfect for those who want to slowly release exclusive picture content over December. Whilst the default only provides a title and image, you can find out how to extend it here.

Advent Calendar Plugin

#4 Tribulant Snowstorm Plugin

Display falling snow flakes on the front of your WordPress website for a festive snowstorm. It comes with a few additional settings so you can change the amount of snow that falls, the colour of it and whether or not it sticks to the bottom of your screen.

Tribulant Snowstorm Plugin

Below you can see that it's not too heavy that it distracts from the content on your page.

Make your website snow with this plugin!

#5 Snowflakes, Balloons, Leaves and more plugin

Why stop at snow? This crazy plugin allows you to have snowflakes, leaves, raindrops and more falling down your page! There is also the option of having balloons float UP your page, perfect for New Years Eve. You can set the speed of images falling down or floating up and have the choice of 30 GIF and 40 PNG images.

Snowflakes and more falling down your blog!

You can choose from a large variety of snow, balloons and leaves.


#6 New Year Fireworks Plugin

When January 2016 arrives, here is a fun way to wish your web users a Happy New Year with this quirky Firework plugin. Users are redirected to the fireworks greeting page when they enter your websites and can exit via the 'Back to Homepage' link at the bottom of the screen.

Happy New Year Firework Plugin

#7 Xmas Lights Plugin

A subtle but still Christmassy addition to your website, this string of Christmas lights 'hang' along the top of your pages. It's a lovely effect with a simple installation.

Christmas lights plugin

#8 WP Scheduled Themes Plugin

If you want your website users to be greeted by a different theme on Christmas day, this plugin makes it easy. If you have many a Christmas theme at your disposal, you can have one each day during the twelve days of Christmas! Of course this is suitable for all year round and can be used to set themes for other holidays. Find it here.

WP Scheduled Themes

#9 Xmas Snow Plugin

The addition of a Christmas snow fall is a charming one so we had to mention another as this one is so easy to activate.The best part for you is it won’t slow down your site speed. Add these little snowflakes to your website here.

Xmas Snowfall plugin

#10 New Year Countdown Clock Plugin

And finally, even when Christmas is over there are still things to countdown to. With this New Year Countdown Clock you can choose from six designs to have on your site. This would go hand in hand quite nicely with the New Year fireworks plugin. You can get the countdown here.

Countdown Clock for New Years Day

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