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The Best Photoshop Blogs

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Written by Aaron Charlie– Fri 14 May 2010


The best Photoshop blogs to inform and inspire you...

Blogging is all the rage these days and we are even running Blogging Training as of the 24th May - if your business isn't blogging, it should be!

For fellow Photoshop fans we've scoured the web to bring you our favourite Photoshop blogs for either informative 

 Photoshop Training, news and tips or for inspiring Photoshop feats (if you're looking for the best Photoshop tutorial websites try this list). There are a lot of blogs out there, so read on to find the ones we thought most stood out...

Although this blog is for photography rather than just Photoshop, it features loads of interesting and informative content on Photoshop. Most posts are fun lists with loads of photos such as "10 web resources for photographers", "40 Photoshop add-ons for photographers" or "40 photos you won't believe are not photoshopped". One of my favourites, where I found the above orange frog photo, is 50 Images for Fans of Photoshop Art.

This blog maybe a sort of official Adobe one, but its entirely run by John Nack along with the obligatory "views expressed here do not necessarily represent..." disclaimer. I like it for the personal perspective on Adobe updates, with anything from discussion of the supposed Adobe v. Apple war to links to interesting Photoshop blogs and good Photoshop tutorials. It's a great place to head for Photoshop CS5 information, with lots of updates and video tutorials.

This blog is always good for a bit of light-hearted entertainment, with examples of so-called Photoshop Disasters from predominantly mainstream media such as film posters and fashion magazine covers. The posts consist of a large image with a sentence or two on what has gone wrong, and the criticisms can verge onto Perez Hilton style "claws out" celebrity culture stuff. But there are some funny how not to do it examples, such as this Photoshop head transplant.

UPDATE: just stumbled upon this fun Photoshop Satire blog, which may not get updated very often but is still likely to cause a few chuckles amongst PhotoshopDisasters fans.

  • Photoshop Killer Tips

    With so many tips in one place, this is one of the best places to   

    head for handy information such as fixing skies with layer

    styles or changing the brush size, all explained with clear

    video demonstrations and voiceovers.


    This blog looks a good place to check for Photoshop

    CS5 information with a CS5 tutorial already posted on

    how to "refine edge hair masking". Although the blog

    describes itself as offering the "latest news and info about

    the top pixel-wrangling application on the planet", there are

    still plenty of more beginner tips as well as links to useful

    tutorials that the writer has found.


    This is a blog on all things Apple and Adobe for web designers, developers and graphic designers alike. There are some interesting opinion pieces such as Why 3D will fail in 2010. There are a lot of blogs on Photoshop news and also a useful tutorial section with Photoshop CS5 help already available such as how to create 3D type art.

    Scott blogs on all thing Adobe and Photography, with news, opinion, useful links and even examples of his own photography. He also promotes his own free online CS5 Webinars. There are some useful how tos such as How to remove a watermark by a guest blogger, so hopefully we'll see some CS5 tips soon.

    Let me know if there's a Photoshop blog you love and you think we should add! Also, look out for more Adobe CS5 posts soon - are there any tutorials you'd like to see?

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