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Jacqui set up a very safe learning environment, I felt valued as a learner throughout and extremely engaged. The business benefits for this course are limitless!

Abby Horn - Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd

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To listen, really listen is a difficult thing to do. Frequently, we hear what someone is saying without giving it our full attention and without fully understanding what has been said.

Active Listening Skills Training

Communication breaks down without effective listening skills which is why listening is usually the first place to look when there are problems with communication.

Become a better communicator through a range of techniques to use to improve the ability to listen within your organisation with our Active Listening Skills training course, a Human Resources Training and Coaching Course.

Course Objectives

After this Listening Skills training course, attendees will be able to:

  • Analyse and have an increased understanding of the techniques of effective listening
  • Discuss the skills of communication and focus on the art of listening
  • Apply their new skills actively in the working environment

Course Feedback

Jacqui really knows her topic and demonstrates what she teaches well - lots of examples and activities to bring it to life. Excellent day!

Christine Massey - Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd

Christine Massey - Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd


Carol Greene - Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd

Carol Greene - Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd


Emily Huntley - Travel Nation

I really enjoyed the Active Listening course - we covered loads of material in manageable segments. I will take a lot away from it.

Bethany Logan - University of Sussex

Excellent informative course with a great tutor. The day was fun but met the learning objectives very well. Would highly recommend for individuals or teams. I definitely learnt some great techniques which I can apply at work and in my personal life.

Sarah-Jane Dodd - Tullow Oil Plc

Excellent course and facilitator. Will recommend it to my employers at University of Sussex library.

Gayemarie Crane - University of Sussex Library

Active Listening Skills Training Course Content

Self Appraisal:

  • Identify a Range of Verbal and Non-verbal Factors which Affect Others
  • Examine Current Work Relationships and Identify Problem Areas
  • Explore and Satisfy Individual Needs; Personal Barriers

Conversation Openers:

  • The First Impression
  • The Importance of the Initial Stages of Conversation
  • How a Lack of Listening at this Stage can Prove to be Damaging

Passive Listening:

  • The use of Eyes and Acknowledgement Tools
  • Learning to be Controlled when Confronted with a Passive Listener
  • The Tendency to Over-compensate with Un-needed Phrases and Words
  • Holding the Listener’s Gaze

Acknowledgement Responses:

  • Appropriate Expressions and Kinetics
  • Paralinguistic
  • Supportive Acknowledgement Responses
  • Keeping the Speaker at Ease

Communication Breakdown:

  • Background Interference
  • How Misunderstandings, Misconceptions and Poor Judgement are the Probable Outcome of Interference
  • Judgemental Interference
  • Critical Responses

Active Listening:

  • Seflective Listening, Rephrasing Pertinent Points and Returning them to the Speaker
  • Using Reflective Listening in Conjunction with Passive Listening and Acknowledgement Responses
  • The Prevention of Misunderstanding

Listening Skills:

  • The Essence of Communication in Listening
  • Reading and Understanding
  • The Fundamental Advantage of Reflective Listening

Practical Application At Work:

  • How to Apply a Listening Style
  • Participants Agree upon Methods of Implementation and Discuss their own Strengths and Weaknesses as Listeners


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    Active Listening Skills Training

  2. Duration

    1 Day

  3. Price Starting From

    £1,295.00 + VAT

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Who is this course for?

People looking to improve their communication skills at work through developing their listening skills. This course is suitable for anybody including senior managers who want to improve employee relationships.