Wokingham is a market town situated between the larger towns of Bracknell and Reading with a population of around 30,690 in 2011 census and covers an area of approximately 179 square kilometres. It serves as a commuter and residential town for cities of Bracknell, Reading and London. The borough merged with Wokingham Rural District and formed non-metropolitan Wokingham District in 1974. The city has 54 elected councillors and administrated by the Chairman of the council. Mr John Redwood, MP for Wokingham constituency is representing the town since 1987. The development of the city can be seen over the past eighty years. Many development projects are planned including the redevelopment of the town centre, railway station, commercial and residential colonies and a committee was also formed in 2010 to manage the rehabilitation projects in the town.

The town grew rapidly in the 12th century when Bishop of Salisbury planned the lay out of the town and organised three fairs every year. The town also became famous for supplying bells to churches and other public buildings across the south England. The town was also known as the producer of silk and few mulberry bushes still to be seen in the gardens of the town. The city was attacked during the Civil War in the 16th century resulting fire in 20% buildings of the town, robbery of trading goods and livestock. The people across the country started visiting the town for the dangerous spectacle of bull baiting. Later on, the bulls were destroyed and practice was banned by Parliament in 1833. The economy of the city is largely based on the service sector, light engineering and software development.


Wokingham is a vibrant market town served by strong transportation links. The main attractions of the city are Reme Museum, Museum of Aviation, Holt Copse and Joel Park, Wellington Country Park and Keephatch Park Nature Reserve. Museum of Aviation displays the history of aviation, anti-submarine aircraft and helicopters while Reme Museum illustrates Guardroom medals and technology used by Royal Mechanical Engineers.

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