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Ruby on Rails Training

Ruby on Rails was new to me but Nic made our introduction accessible and enjoyable. I'm interested in developing my own skills further and feel confident I can go forth and do that. We are all keen to incorporate it into our working practices to improve our platform.

Hayley Easton - Venda Ltd

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What is Ruby on Rails Training?

Ruby on Rails is quickly establishing itself as the preferred choice amongst developers. Quick and easy to install and use, Rails takes web applications development to a new level for programmers. Whether you’re an experienced developer or completely new to web programming, Ruby on Rails is the best thing you’ll ever discover. 

Both Ruby and Rails provide a lot of code for you, making it quick and simple to create skeletal applications that are both highly customisable and extendable. 

This two day training course is led by an instructor who provides a valuable introduction to Ruby on Rails. This training course  is intended for delegates who are familiar with web technologies and are looking to gain a core practical understanding of the advantages and excitement that developing with Ruby on Rails brings.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this Ruby on Rails training course, the delegate will:

  • Program in Ruby
  • Understand the Rails Framework
  • Harness the speed and ease of developing a Rails application
  • Create and use XML in Rails applications
  • Use Ajax in Rails applications
  • Build dynamic database-driven web sites


Course Feedback

Tailored examples meant we could really understand what the subject of the training meant to our company & how we could use it.

Oliver Secluna - Venda Ltd

Very knowledgeable teacher with a great deal of real world experience. Taught with enthusiasm and patience.

Keith Freeman - Venda Ltd

Excellent content, professionally delivered by someone who clearly knows his subject and loves what he does. Real-life examples and simple explanations in the right order made my first introduction to Ruby on Rails go very smoothly. I feel like I've got a very clear understanding of the basic concepts - and am inspired to start writing my own first app!

S. Suther - Venda Ltd

Ruby on Rails Training Course Content

Introducing Ruby

  • Working with different datatypes
  • Defining Constants
  • Using Operators and Expressions
  • Introduction to Arrays
  • Working with Hashes
  • Generator and Predicate Ranges

Working with Ruby

  • The if Statement
  • Using the else / elsif Statements
  • Using the unless Statement
  • Understanding Modifiers
  • The case Statement
  • While & Until loops
  • Methods and Arguments

Introducing Rails

  • The Model-View-Controller design
  • Putting Ruby on Rails
  • Creating a Controller / an Action / a View
  • Adding HTML in The View
  • Passing Data from an Action to a View
  • Using Sessions
  • Accessing user data via form controls
  • Using data in Controls
  • Working with Modules
    • Applying Controls to Modules

Working with Ruby on Rails

  • Testing & validating data integrity
  • Setting and Reading Cookies
  • Creating Filters
  • Creating XML with Views
  • Using View Helpers
  • Using Partial Templates
  • Passing Data to Partial Templates
  • Using Ajax with Rails

Database Connection

  • Connecting to a database
  • Create and Name the Model and Controller
  • Adding & Editing records to the database
  • Displaying data from the database
  • Table-naming conventions
  • Object-relation mapping put on rails
  • Creating ActiveRecord models
  • Passing Arguments to a Method
  • Return values from a method
  • Return multiple values from a method
  • Classes, Modules and Mixins
  • Creating a Class / Modules & Mixins
  • Using an Object
  • Using Class Variables & Methods


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    Ruby on Rails Training

  2. Duration

    2 Days

  3. Price Starting From

    £1,995.00 + VAT

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Who is this course for?

This training course is for developers who already have a solid knowledge of HTML and ideally some additional knowledge of XML, SQL and any Server Side / Object Orientated programming Language (although this is not essential).