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C# & .NET Training

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Microsoft .NET is an advance in programming technology that greatly simplifies application development both for traditional, proprietary applications and for the emerging paradigm of Web-based services. .NET is a complete restructuring of Microsoft's whole system infrastructure and represents a major learning challenge for programmers developing applications on Microsoft platforms.

This comprehensive 1-day C# & .NET training course is designed for the experienced programmer to help you quickly come up to speed on the C# language and the core features of the .NET Framework.


We recommend having some coding experience and a good understanding of HTML before this course but as we run this course privately the content can be tailored to your requirements. Please call 01273 622272 to discuss your needs.

Course Objectives

This C# and .NET training course gives attendees:

  • A rapid introduction to the C# language
  • An understanding of the core features of the .NET framework
  • An overview of object-oriented programming that can be applied to further development skills

C# & .NET Training Course Content

.NET - what you need to know

  • .NET Executables and the CLR
  • A .NET Testbed for C# Programming

C# for the sophisticated programmer

  • First C# Console Application
  • Namespaces
  • Data Types
  • Control Structures
  • Subroutines and Functions
  • Console I/O
  • Exception Handling

Object-oriented programming in c#

  • Classes
  • Access Control
  • Methods and Properties
  • Static Data and Methods
  • Inheritance
  • Overriding Methods
  • Interfaces

C# and the .NET framework

  • Class Hierarchies
  • .NET Interfaces
  • Using Generic Interfaces: icloneable and icomparable
  • System.Array
  • Collections
  • Delegates
  • Events

Interoperating with com and win32

  • .NET Client Calling a COM Server
  • COM Client Calling a .NET Server
  • pinvoke

Database programming using

  • ADO.NET Overview
  • .NET Data Providers
  • Using datareaders
  • Using datasets
  • Interacting with XML Data

Visual Studio .NET database testbed

  • Server Explorer
  • Query Analyzer
  • OSQL

Using Visual Studio .NET

  • Overview of Visual Studio.NET
  • Creating a Console Application
  • Project Configurations
  • Debugging

.NET fundamentals

  • What is Microsoft .NET?
  • Common Language Runtime
  • Attribute Based Programming
  • Interface Based Programming
  • Metadata
  • Common Type System
  • Framework Class Library
  • Language Interoperability
  • Managed Code
  • Assemblies and Deployment
  • Web Services

Class libraries

  • Components in .NET
  • Building Class Libraries at the Command Line
  • Class Libraries Using Visual Studio .NET
  • Using References

Assemblies and deployment

  • Assemblies
  • Private Assembly Deployment

Metadata and reflection

  • Metadata
  • Reflection
  • Late Binding

Introduction to windows forms

  • Creating Windows Applications Using Visual Studio .NET
  • Handling Events
  • Shared Assembly Deployment
  • Assembly Configuration
  • Multi-Course Assemblies

I/O and serialisation

  • Directories
  • Files
  • Serialisation
  • Attributes

.NET programming model

  • Threading and Synchronization
  • Contexts
  • Application Domains4) Marshal By Value
  • Marshal By Reference
  • Memory Management and Garbage Collection


  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Internet Security
  • Configuring Security
  • Code Access Security
  • Permissions
  • Role-Based Security
  • Principals and Identities


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    C# & .NET Training

  2. Duration

    1 Day

  3. Price Starting From

    £1,995.00 + VAT

Onsite Training

This course can be run in-company anywhere in the world & we can tailor the content to focus on your requirements.

We regularly provide training in London, Manchester, Bristol and all over the United Kingdom.

Who is this course for?

Programmers & developers who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of .NET and C#. We recommend having some coding experience and a good understanding of HTML before this course.

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