Programming & Database Topics

Big Data

Curious to enhance your knowledge of the Big Data landscape? Big Data describes the large volume of structured and unstructured data. The challenges of Big Data include data storage, data analysis, transfer, querying and information privacy.

Programming & Frameworks

The Programming and Frameworks training provides knowledge about the most used programming languages and master of back-end and front-end web technologies.

BI and Virtualisation

It has become very difficult to process and maintain a large amount of data. Companies are coming up with different software’s and tools to process these data. Data Visualization is the process of interacting with customers and the global community to understand patterns and insights by modifying data into a visual context.

Data Science

Take data science courses from Silicon Beach Training to build your skills and advance your career through innovative, independent learning. The course provides skills required to become a certified data scientist. It will give you the opportunity to understand and implement the basic techniques of data science.


The growth of online public-private interaction, e-commerce and social networking has resulted in an explosion of database growth. Get fluent in SQL server administration and Transact-SQL with our relevant database courses. 

Data Warehousing and ETL

ETL is a procedure of shifting data from source database to the data warehouse. There are three different sub-processes such as E for Extract, T for Transform and L for Load.

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