Plymouth is a city located on the south coast of Devon, England. Plymouth is at a distance of 37 miles from the south-west of London and 190 miles from the west-south-west of London. It is situated on the bank of river Plym to the east and Tamar to the west.  When these rivers join, Plymouth forms the boundary with Cornwall.

Plymouth became a commercial shipping Centre during the industrial revolution. It became a major port in handling imports and passengers from the Americas and exportation of local minerals. In 1914, three nearby towns- the county borough of Plymouth, the county borough of Devonport and the urban district of East Storehouse were merged to form a single country. The combined country was named as Plymouth. Later in 1928, it was labelled as a city.

Plymouth is the 30th most populous area in the United Kingdom having population 264,200. The population of this city decreased rapidly from 1931 to 1951 by 1.6%. Plymouth is the second largest city after Bristol in the South West. The system of Plymouth is governed by Plymouth City Council at local level or by three MPs at national level. The city college Plymouth and Plymouth college of Art are two famous colleges of Plymouth.

Geography and climate:

Two rivers Plym and Tamar flow into the natural harbour of Plymouth Sound. The height of Plymouth from the sea level is about 509 feet. Generally Plymouth is mixture of limestone, Devonian slate,g granite and Middle Devonian limestone.The temperature of Plymouth is generally wetter as compared to the rest of England because of the oceanic climate. The average annual temperature of this city is approximately 11?C. The maximum and minimum temperature of Plymouth is 19? C and 2-3? C respectively. The mean annual sunshine of coastal areas is 16,oo hours.

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