Peterborough a city in Cambridgeshire, England, having population of 183,631 as of 2011, is famous for its cathedrals. Known to be a part of Northamptonshire since early days, it is located at a distance of 73.6 miles north of London on the River Nene. The Peterborough railway station, located on the East Coast Main Line between London and Edinburgh, is an important stop.

Peterborough lies on a flat land and at some places it is even below sea level. Peterborough is said to have been first inhabited by human before the Bronze Age began as suggested by the archeological sites at Flag Fen. Later on during the Anglo-Saxon period monasteries were being established with the Medeshamstede being one of the main. Nowadays it is called the Peterborough Cathedral.

The population of Peterborough started to grow in the 19th century when railways had arrived. This also led to rapid industrialization of Peterborough which became known for manufacture of bricks. The Second World War brought Peterborough to a standstill till 1960’s.

As of now in Peterborough, plans aiming at better housing facilities and providing better amenities to its population are expanding. Around £1 billion is being spent on the regeneration of the city centre and immediately surrounding area.


Along with football, Peterborough has teams that play rugby, cricket, hockey, ice hockey, rowing, athletics, American and Australian rules football. Northamptonshire has staged some home matches in the city of Peterborough between the years 1906 and 1974. Peterborough Town Cricket Club and the City of Peterborough Hockey Club play their home games at a common ground in Westwood.

Town Twinning

Town twinning began in Europe after the end of the Second World War with its main purpose being to promote friendship and greater harmony between the different European cities. A twinning link is an agreement between the communities of the two countries to co-operate and organise projects and activities that address various issues. They also help develop an understanding of historical, cultural, lifestyle similarities and differences. Peterborough has twinned with the following municipalities:

  • Spain Alcalá de Henares, Spain (1986)
  • France Bourges, France (1957)
  • Italy Forlì, Italy (1981)
  • Germany Viersen, Germany (1981)
  • Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine (1991)

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