P3O® Re-Registration Training

What is P3O® Re-Registration Training?

This re-registration training course is essential for P3O® Practitioners coming to the end of their 3-5 year registration period that wish to keep their qualification and knowledge up to date for the next 5 years. As a recognised and valuable Project Management qualification, the Portfolio, Programme, and Project Officers (P3O®) Practitioner Certification confirms to employers, that a candidate is capable of applying the P3O® model and could lead a P3O® project of transformational change. This P3O® Practitioner Re-registration Certificate is designed for individuals that wish to elevate and revise their applicable knowledge of the P3O® Model and its concepts - learning how to design and implement projects in accordance with the P3O® Model. Led by highly experienced and accredited instructors, the course will consist of a mixture of practical exercises and instructor led seminar-based sessions - ensuring that candidates possess applicable and underpinning conceptual knowledge. The P3O® Practitioner Training Course will allow individuals to analyse, distinguish, and review the success or failure of P3O Projects, with a full appreciation of differing principles and varying roles that contribute to a successful P3O® Project.

Whilst providing an effective framework for repeat usage, P3O® Training is primarily designed to develop proficient Project Managers and Project Contributors that are capable of initiating and leading transformational business change. The P3O® guidance brings about a collaboration of principles, foundations, processes, and techniques to contribute and facilitate Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management - in order to provide a set framework in which to adhere to on regular basis to assure consistency and effective Project Management. The Portfolio, Programme, and Project Officers (P3O®) scheme offers guidance on optimising investment whilst not inhibiting or influencing alternative business operations - hence this course is of value for businesses utilising the P3O® Guidance and developing capable Project Managers.

What are the objectives of P3O® Re-Registration Training?

This P3O® Practitioner training course aims to reconfirm that candidates have the skills to apply P3O® Principles, in order to enable and lead the initiation, development, and maintenance of a support structure for effective business change.

Who is P3O® Re-Registration Training intended for?

P3O Project Managers that are nearing their P3O®accreditation period, should take this course to remain P3O® certified for a further 5 years

P3O® Practitioner Reregistration Exam

The P3O® Practitioner Exam assesses a candidate's ability to design, implement, and manage a P3O® Project

  • Objective Exam
  • 4 Questions worth 20 Marks Each
  • 150 Minutes
  • Open Book Exam - candidates are allowed to utilise the P3O® Guide
  • A 50% Pass Mark is required for P3O Certification and Re-registration

Who is this course for?

Candidates are required to possess the P3O® Foundation Certification prior to undertaking this P3O® Practitioner Course.

The P3O® Re-registration Course revises a range of topics that would have been covered during a candidate’s original P3O Practitioner Course, including:

  • Key P3O® Operations
  • Underpinning concepts of P3O® and How to Apply Them to Your Business
  • Individual, Collaborative, and Integrated Working Methods
  • Enable Consistent Practice and Dependable Project Management
  • Completing a Risk Analysis and Pre-empting Issues
  • Best Practice in P3O® Projects
  • Developing Support Structures
  • Utilising Evidence-based Decision Making
  • Quality Assurance
  • Distributing Clear Roles of Responsibility
  • Supporting Provision
  • Enhancing Financial Viability of Projects
  • How to Build a Longitudinal Skilled Work Force
  • Ensuring Strategy and Resource Optimisation
  • Creating Capability Models to Predict Efficiency
  • Encouraging Business Transparency


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Starting Price:£985

Duration:2 Days

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keypoints accredited

Starting Price:£985

Duration:2 Days

P3O® Re-Registration Training

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P3O® Re-Registration Training

Sorry! Our team is updating this schedule!

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Please reach us at+441273622272 or info@siliconbeachtraining.co.uk or for more information about the schedule

P3O® Re-Registration Training

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