Oxford city is a situated in England. It is known as the country city of Oxford shire. This city got most of the development than any other cities. The distance of Oxford is 57 miles from the London.  It is located at a distance of 69 miles from Bristol, 65 from Southampton and Birmingham. Oxford city has two main rivers. One is Cherwell and other is named as the Thames. River Thames meet city centre from the south.


The population of Oxford was approximately 168,270 in 2015. Oxford is famous for the University which is oldest and famous university of the English-speaking world. On the term suggested by famous poet Matthew Arnold, Oxford is well renowned as “city of dreaming spires”. Oxford is one of the fastest growing cities of United Kingdom. The longitude and latitudes are 51?45’07”N, 1?15’28”W respectively.

Geographic Dimensions:

Oxford is 26 miles away from the north-east of Swindon, 36 miles from east of the Cheltenham, 43 miles from east of Gloucester,29 miles from south-west of Milton Keynes, 38 miles from south-east of Evesham, 43 miles from south of rugby and 51 miles from north-west of London. The longitude and latitude of Oxford meet at Carfax Tower, which is considered as the centre of the Oxford.


Borders of many cities like Cowley and Blackbird Leys are attached with the borderline of Oxford, whereas on the outskirts of the city, many cities like Botley, Cumnor Hill, Dean Court and North Hinksey are located. The Explore the University of Oxford is a famous book which has all the information about the maps, college timings, museums and other places of interest.


The famous places in Oxford are Carfax Tower, University church of St. Mary the Virgin, Museum of the History of Science, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Redcliff camera which serves as a milestone in the location history of oxford.

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