Microsoft Excel Masterclass Training

If you know the basics of Excel, including entering data, formatting cells, using functions and formulae and inserting charts and graphs, this Microsoft Office Training Course covering Excel Masterclass will really unlock the power of the programme and its advanced functionality.

Advanced Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful spreadsheet application designed to save you time and make easy work of calculating, displaying and sharing data.

This Excel Masterclass training course will introduce you to some of Excel's more powerful features.

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Excel Training


There are no prerequisites.

Course Objectives

After attending our Excel Masterclass training course you will be able to:

  • Use the advanced features of Excel
  • Create advanced charts and tables
  • Use advanced functions and calculations

Who is this course for?

This course is for delegates who are familiar with the basic concepts of creating an Excel Spreadsheet.

Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel

  • Overview of Microsoft Excel
  • Getting started with Excel
  • Interface of Excel
  • Workbook Screen of Excel
  • Working with Ribbon
  • Getting familiar with the backstage view
  • Introduction to Shortcut menus and dialogue boxes
  • Introduction to Quick Access toolbar
  • How to add commands to the QAT?
  • Getting familiar with Status bar

Entering Data into Worksheets

  • Entering Text
  • Editing Text
  • Undoing changes
  • Excel data entry helps
  • Entering numbers
  • Entering dates
  • entering symbols

Introduction to Sorting Data

  • Overview of lists
  • Alphabetical sorting, numerical sorting
  • Sorting multiple columns
  • Sorting numbered lists
  • Overview of filters
    • Applying filters
    • Using filters
    • Building compound filters
    • Building custom filters
  • Using wildcards

Introduction to Tables

  • Creating, inserting, deleting the table
  • How to remove duplicates?
  • How to modify table?
  • Sorting and filtering data
  • How to add and remove columns of the table?
  • Naming and resizing tables
  • Overview of table styles
  • How to delete a table?

Introduction to Conditional Formatting

  • Overview of Conditional Formatting
  • Highlighting the cells containing:
    • Values
    • Text
    • Duplicate values
  • Using data bars, colour scales, icon sets and more
  • Building custom rules
  • The conditional formatting rules manager

The Fill Handle

  • Fundamentals of the Fill Handle
  • Using Fill Series
  • Custom Fill Series

Introduction to Functions and Formulas

  • Overview of functions and formulas in Excel
  • Working with Names and Ranges
  • Overview of Array Formulas
  • Error messages

Introduction to Pivot Tables

  • How to create a Pivot table from Excel data list?
  • Working with data fields
  • How to refresh or change data source?
  • Filter Pivot Table:
    • Using Slicers
    • Using Timelines
  • How to create and modify PivotChart

Introduction to Charts

  • Understand how to change charts including Pie, Column and Line
  • How to print charts?
  • Improve the presentation of charts by formatting

The advanced Excel course will surprise you; excellent teacher with excellent knowledge and lots of formulas to play around with. If you are looking to improve your Excel knowledge and your skills, this is the right course for you! What are you waiting for?

Anca Filimon - American Express

The trainer had a very good method of teaching, at a good pace and made sure everyone was up to speed.

Tracy Stickland - Sussex Community NHS Trust

Well explained and time for practice given. The course was well tailored to the needs of the participants.

Marika Nicholson - Nikwax Ltd

Great amount of ground covered in detail, the pace was just right for all attendees. There was logical progression into each topic.

Derek Reid - Nikwax Ltd

The course included a good mix of theory and practical work. It ran at a good pace & the tutor was great.

David Powell - Brighton & Hove City Council

It was good to get a feel and understanding of different versions of Excel including different drop-downs/options etc. I feel I have gained a good overall knowledge.

Katie Dowling - Teva UK Ltd

The course was very good for helping to build on basic Excel knowledge, breaking up the training into exercises helped me take in the teaching.

Bina Dhaliwal - CanocoPhillips UK Ltd

We went through a lot on the Excel Advanced course and it is all useful for my job. Seeing the tutor go through and explain the exercises before attempting it yourself helps - both visual and hands-on learning.

Natalie Fitzpatrick - MGM Advantage

Very clear and great notes. Jane was very easy to approach with questions and flexible with the course content.

Rebecca Campbell - Brandwatch

Excellent pace, the attendees were given the chance to ask questions and ample time to practice.

Rebecca Ritchie - Sussex Community NHS Trust

The course covered all key aspects of Excel plus loads of little extra shortcuts and time savers - very helpful!

Corinna Lancaster - Amber House Ltd

Having a small group gave us time to ask lots of questions. The tutor's knowledge covered everything we needed to know.

Samantha Davies - IHS Global Limited

Taking the Advanced Excel course on a one-to-one basis was a fantastic way of learning about features specific to me in my line of work.

James Taylor - Phillips 66

Clear, precise training in small groups. Very well presented with good knowledge of the product in question.

Alan Coom - Glyndebourne Productions Ltd

Covered what we actually asked for, customised for our company/department needs.

Karen Stidder - Glyndebourne Productions Ltd

The course was really beneficial to what I needed to learn. All the courses I have attended at Silicon Beach have been of an excellent standard.

Michelle Griffiths - Brighton & Hove City Council

Well worth it! I had been using Excel for years and never knew some things could be done so easily automatically. Plus I discovered some hidden gems I never knew existed. Highly recommended.

Sue Roberts

Allows you to develop your knowledge of Excel to the next level, the tricks I have learnt will save me hours if not days!

Chris Wren - American Express

This course was relaxed and you were given every opportunity to ask questions, or to be given extra help if you didn't understand first time.

Michelle Harding - C Brewers & Sons

A great course, it will be very useful in my job. Maggie certainly knew her stuff. Thank you!

Charlotte Davies - Blind Veterens

The Silicon Beach Excel training course was very useful, the design was very simple to understand and the tutor made sure every detail was picked up by everyone in attendance.

Dike Ekoh - Brighton & Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust

Very helpful & will save me a lot of time with all the new shortcuts I've learnt. Cheers!

Joe Appleton - Leapfrogg Ltd

The Silicon Beach Advanced Excel training course was very useful. Instructions were clear, there were a lot of practical examples to work with and a booklet containing all covered topics to take away. I've been given a lot to take back to work with me!

Georgina Soubra - American Express

Interesting, enlightening and useful. A well balanced and clearly delivered course. Highly recommended!

Nick Rutherford - NHS Coastal West Sussex CCG

I wanted to improve my basic knowledge of Excel, the course has given me a good overview of more advanced areas. I now need to get back to the office and put it into practice.

Claire Ferguson - NHS Coastal West Sussex CCG

Overall I was very pleased with the course. Jane was very helpful and obviously very experienced and knowledgeable. I went away feeling confident that I can put what I learned to practical use. Thanks!

Andrew Elwick - American Express

Learning new things & consolidating your knowledge is what you will get here! Course structure is excellent: theory first then the practice, with the trainer here to answer any questions. Friendly environment!

Chloe Kaushal - American Express

The advanced Excel course is well considered in structure and content. Course provider introduced various aspects whilst addressing Excel terminology in layman terms. Explained additional elements at the request of the group and introduced useful shortcuts for everyday use. I'd recommend attending; it was informative, interesting and in turn, time went quick.

Madeline Lawlor - First Central Insurance Management

For someone with a firm, basic understanding of Excel this is an excellent next step to understand more of the advanced features. This course will save me time when I return to the office. Thank you!

Clive Hodges - American Express

Great course, great location, delivered by a very professional team.

Mike Thompson - Hitachi Data Systems

The course had been tailored to our needs and we were able to cover all our questions and solve any issues we had. The trainer was knowledgeable and very quick to help, clarify and suggest solutions.

Lisa Bogod - BD Foods

Jane is a fantastic trainer - she managed to make it engaging and fun! My relationship with Excel has been transformed!

Rachel Carlen - RSPB

Overall I think this was an excellent course, and have come away feeling much more confident using Excel.

Lizzie Fletcher - Palmer and Harvey

I think the Advanced Excel training was very helpful and related well to my role. I have learnt things I can use day to day and which will save me a lot of time and effort. Thanks very much.

Emily Fletcher - Palmer and Harvey

Excellent, well structured course. Tutor was very knowledgable and had the skills needed to relay the info to the students. A+++

Ricky Chmitorz - Palmer and Harvey

A well paced, informative course that gives you all the hidden features you could spend an eternity finding out for yourself.

Rebecca Crane - Electronic Temperature Instruments

Very good from start to finish! Excellent teaching, friendly staff, helpful & patient with questions. Workbook fantastic.

Karen Cutts - The Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove

Superb course which was very clearly structured and provided excellent support for all involved. We were given clear instructions and allowed time to complete tasks as well as given useful feedback. Overall, I would highly recommend.

Mark Schropfer - Phillips 66

Now I understand how all the functions other people use work and can do it for myself! Great course with lots of activities and I am taking away great knowledge with lots of extra hints to make Excel even easier to use. Thank you Silicon Beach!

Joanne Pearce - American Express

A very clear and challenging course for Excel users at all levels of use.

Chris Williams - CCLI

An excellent course. I didn't feel overloaded with information but came away with a great deal more knowledge that will save time and avoid frustration.

Rich Burrough - CCLI

Fantastic course for those with a good basic knowledge of Excel. I now feel confident in using the more advanced features and have some great, clear notes to take away with me for if I get stuck!

Becky Heslop - Brandwatch

Fantastic day, very knowledgable tutor, fast paced. Will recommend to others.

Fared Benjama - EDF Energy

Fantastic course, will be recommending to rest of business.

John Powell - Continental Corporation

Good concise course, filled in a few gaps in my knowledge.

Jeanette Shepherd - Deutsche Leasing (UK) Limited

Excellently run, good content, very informative. An ideal course for those who have a basic understanding of Excel but want to expand their knowledge. I know that for me, what I have learnt today will save me a lot of time doing my day to day office tasks.

Joanna Blizard - Phillips 66 Limited

I found the Advanced Excel course very useful - It will allow me to be more effective at work.

Sofia Korkiamaki - European Social Network

This course was great; really well structured and the tutor was very clear and knowledgable. I can't wait to start putting my new knowledge to the test!

Annette Knox - Adetiq Ltd

The course was easy to understand with lots of useful tools to make excel more useable. The tutor was very knowledgable and helpful, will definitely recommend to my colleagues.


Emma Carter - Adetiq Ltd

A thorough and precise course, I will take a lot back with me and my life will be much easier!

Caz Brunnen - Trinity College London



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