High Wycombe

High Wycombe is an English town located 9 miles north of Maidenhead, 23 miles north east of Reading, 27 miles southeast of Oxford and 29 miles west North West of Charing Cross in London. It is also known as Wycombe or Furniture Capital of England, situated in the rolling countryside of the Chiltern Hills. It is the second largest town in Buckinghamshire with a population of around 124,475 in 2015. The town comprises both market and industrial town and famous for the production of furniture. The town also served as a hometown of Benjamin Disraeli (Former Prime Minister). The early history of the town was first documented in 970. The first meeting and assembly building of the town was built in 1226 after being granted market borough status in 1222. During Medieval and Tudor era, the town was popular for manufacturing lace and linen cloth. The city also served as a stopping point between London and Oxford, where travelers stayed in lodge and motels of the town.

The paper industry was quite prominent in a 17th and 18th century due to the presence of chalk in Wye River, later on, it was overtaken by cloth industry. The town famous furniture industry flourished in the 19th century and the wealth and economy of the town were completely dependent on it. Thereafter, the industry was declined in 1960 causing unemployment and social problems in the town. The town grew rapidly after the Second World War after the redevelopment of the town center and two shopping centers, flyovers and office blocks were built. The town was ranked 26th dirtiest city of the United Kingdom in 2007 according to GMB Union survey. Recently, the city has undergone major regeneration process including the redevelopment of Buckinghamshire New University and existing shopping center.


The town stills follow old tripartite educational system comprising primary schools, grammar or secondary modern schools. For higher education, Buckinghamshire New University has its main campus located in the center of town. Further education Amersham and Wycombe College is also located in Flackwell Heath.

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