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What is Crystal Reports 2013 Advanced?

This updated  Advanced Crystal Reports 2013 training course educates candidates on how to implement SQL query writing and geographic mapping skills within their report writing, in order to create highly complex and stakeholder/business specific business reports. This training course provides candidates with an elevated appreciation of the Crystal Reports Software, including how to utilise all of its specialised functions including complex data analysis, group and elemental list reports, subreports, cross-tabs, and content inclusion - enabling the development of comprehensive business reports. This Crystal reports course is very hands-on and focused on developing transferable skills that individuals can incorporate in their business writing skills from day 1 - enhancing professional competency and perceived management competencies, that could lead to increased work responsibility and/or a business promotion. The course is led by experienced Crystal Reports instructors, and consists of practical activities, allowing candidates to gain much hands on experience. The duration of the course is 2 days.

What are the objectives of Crystal Reports 2013 Advanced training?

On completion of Crystal Reports 2013 Advanced training, candidates will be able to:

  • Connect to data using drivers like ODBC and OLE DB
  • Construct cross tab reports
  • Summarise and conclude report data
  • Use parameters in reports
  • Work with arrays
  • Construct charts
  • Systematise data


Who is Crystal Reports 2013 Advanced for?

The course is targeted towards individuals who are:

  • Avid business writers
  • Business managers with report writing duties
  • Project Managers
  • Data analysis office staff
  • Individuals that aspire to develop a comprehensive and thorough insight of the Crystal Reports Software

Candidates should have basic understanding of producing list and group reports. They should also be interested in the field and are keen to learn more.

It is advantageous that individuals attending the course have previously acquired knowledge of how to construct business reports and familiar modifying data - potentially through achieving the Crystal Reports 2013 Introduction Certification. Furthermore, competencies in performing execute basic filters and data sorting is also desirable.


Crystal Reports 2013 Advanced Course Content

Developing Running Tabs

  • Devising, editing, and utilising a Running Total Field
  • Generating a Manual Running Total


Utilising Cross-Tabs

  • Developing and formatting a Cross-Tab Report, including the development of Groups in relation to Cross-Tab Reports


Supplementing Sub-reports

  • Developing and modifying Subreports
  • Dispensing Variables
  • General development of Drill-Downs including the overall construction of Drill-Downs with headings in a Report


Report Processing - Utilising SQL Statements

  • Developing: Sub-queries, joins using SQL, and SQL Expression Fields
  • Producing a report utilising SQL queries and commands
  • Demonstrating the ability to draw conclusions from Report data
  • Report Alterations through the utilisation of SQL Statements

Producing sophisticated Formulas

  • Developing and producing complex formulas
  • Engaging with Loops and Arrays


Chart utilisation

  • Producing a myriad of chart types including regular charts, Top N charts, charts with Drill-Downs, Cross-Tab charts, and charts illustrating grouped data
  • Configuring charts including utilising chart templates


Report content and components

  • Categorise data in a hierarchical structure
  • Utilising visual representations such as graphs, charts, and diagrams
  • Produce report notifications
  • Develop Dynamic Images  
  • Reviewing content


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  1. Course Title

    Crystal Reports 2013 Advanced

  2. Duration

    2 Days

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    £544.00 + VAT

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