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Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT®) 5 is a framework that guides end-to-end IT enterprise governance and management - centred strongly around thoughtful leadership and guidance from a myriad of global industry experts, in order to meet stakeholder demands. Whilst elevating stakeholder trust and value of IT systems, the COBIT® Framework is beneficial for elevating operational functionality and resource utilisation due to minimising the potential for the business IT security breaches or downtime. This COBIT® Foundation course is designed for individuals that wish to enhance their qualification-grounded knowledge of IT governance and risk aversion, in order to improve upon their contributions to IT management and threat provision. This COBIT® Foundation Course is ideal for individuals that are required to appraise the current value and functional quality of IT management systems - providing support and feedback to higher-level IT governance staff in order to improve upon business functioning.

Benefits of this COBIT® Foundation Course for Individuals

  • Developed understanding of the value of business objectives
  • Risks and Business Systems
  • Informed Decision Making Regarding Threat/Security Breaches
  • Enhanced understanding of the COBIT® governance framework

Benefits of this COBIT® Foundation Course for Businesses

  • Adhere to IT Management regulations and protocols regarding security and protection
  • Employees with greater role clarity regarding IT Security and Management
  • Employees with an enhanced appreciation of the risks cyber-security threats pose
  • Improved service integration and communication between relevant security stakeholders and staff
  • Improved operational capacity and functional productivity

COBIT® Foundation Exam

  • 50-Question Multiple Choice Exam
  • 50% Pass Mark required to gain  Certification
  • 40 Minutes
  • Closed Book

Who is this COBIT® Foundation course intended for?

  • Security Technicians
  • Risk Advisers
  • Compliance Professionals
  • Stakeholders involved in or affected by IT Management
  • Privacy Technicians
  • IT Managers

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, candidates will have elevated their knowledge concerning:

  • The COBIT® Framework - concepts and components
  • Assessing and appraising a business’ current IT Security Level
  • The detrimental effect that IT Management issues can have upon productivity
  • The requirement for COBIT® as a governance framework
  • Utilisation of COBIT® - advantages/disadvantages
  • How to apply principles of COBIT®

COBIT® Foundation Course Content

Introducing COBIT®

  • History of COBIT®
  • Why utilise COBIT®?
  • Structure of COBIT®
  • The COBIT® Framework

The COBIT® 5 Framework in Detail:

  • Meeting stakeholder demands and requirements
  • End-to-end enterprise
  • A holistic approach to IT Governance
  • Governance v Management
  • Implementing COBIT® as a singular model

COBIT® in Business Practice

  • Appraising IT Governance and security infrastructure
  • Process Assessment Model and COBIT®
  • Implementing COBIT®
  • Benefits and Limitations of COBIT®
  • How wide is the scope for COBIT® Implementation?


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Course Details

  1. Course Title

    COBIT® Foundation

  2. Duration

    2 Days

  3. Price Starting From

    £1,094.00 + VAT

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Who is this course for?

There are no prerequisites prior to undertaking this COBIT® Foundation course but it is advised that individuals download and bring their own personal copy of the COBIT® 5 Framework to the training course.




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